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CSR Club Activity: Plant a Tree and reduce pollution

As the world advances by leaps and bounds with each passing day, one word that has become imperative is ‘sustainability’. Environment Sustainability is a global concern and in the direction to promote a vision of sustainable and environmentally friendly institutions, the CSR club strives to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues among the students, as future managers. Throughout the year, CSR Club organizes various Green Campus activities, especially striving to reduce pollution, in which the students play an integral part.

CSR Club of Asian School of Business conducted an event on the occasion of World Environment Day. On the occasion, we had the guest of honor Mr. Anand Mohan Singh, Dy. Director (Horticulture), NOIDA Authority amongst us, who glorified the event with his gracious presence. There was an oath-taking ceremony, where the students took an oath to protect our mother earth and take steps to reduce pollution, which was followed by Nukkad Natak on the environment to generate awareness for the conservation of the same in the students. It was a brilliant performance by the students of the 2020 batch (both BBA & BCA). This was followed by the plantation drive on campus, where in the students and faculty members along with the Guest of Honor initiated with the conservation of nature, reduce pollution, and promote afforestation to the maximum number possible.

It is imperative to make the students aware of the environmental crisis our world is going through, and the steps we could take to reduce pollution to make it sustainable. The Guest, Mr. Anand Mohan Singh made our students understand the importance of planting trees, and reduce pollution, and evoked in the students the need to save our planet. It was really an impactful event, where our students learned a lot about the environment, and the necessity to reduce pollution and have started implementing the same in their own lives, as planting a tree is looking after it and nurturing it.