Entrepreneurial Talk Session “TYCOON’19” with MR. SHREY GUPTA brings in a strong gush of inspiration for BBA students of Asian School of Business


Entrepreneurial Talk Session “TYCOON’19” with MR. SHREY GUPTA brings in a strong gush of inspiration for BBA students of Asian School of Business

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students of Asian School of Business (ASB) recently participated in the most awaited entrepreneurial talk session “TYCOON’19” – The Entrepreneurial Talk with MR. SHREY GUPTA – on 4th April 2019 at their college campus in Noida.  The session was conducted by ASB’s Entrepreneurship Development & Incubation Centre (EDIC) and Entrepreneurship Club with due solemnity and respect.

The session went about really interactive. It was started with a decent touch from HOD-BBA Mr. Maroof Ahmed by handing over a “SAPLING” to MR. SHREY GUPTA.

The session was segregated by Mr. Shrey in 2 different rounds.

In Round 1, Mr. Shrey gave a brief outline about the last 15 years of his journey that started with the establishment of a business-line at the age of 15 along with his father, Mr. Ravi Gupta and then continued till date (approximately 31 years) and what all ups & downs they came across.

ASB students were asked to feel free to put forth their questions any and every time they needed more clarity in-between or after the session, by the speaker.

In Round 2, Mr. Shrey talked at length about his life’s struggle and described the detailed scenario of the past 15 years of his career.

Some of the highlights of his struggle as shared by him were:

  •  At the age of 19, they take over “ISH Enterprises”, a chemical manufacturing unit, and becoming the CEO of that factory unit under the guidance of his father.
  • Then, at the age of 22, how an uncertain “Fire” took place in a factory and they were all bankrupt/into huge losses.
  • Then, within a year and merely till the age of 23, he again built-up the chemical unit and everything went well.
  • Just after 2 years at the age of 25, he & his father [Mr. Ravi Gupta] were constrained to shut the chemical unit because of Chinese Market coming into place.
  • Then, after covering all losses, loans & advances, he including his father went onto a stagnant leave for around 1.5 years.
  • Meantime, his real brother [CA MR. UDIT GUPTA] joined their business and took over all the accounting processes and also, they all went to Germany for Food Fairs after becoming a member of German Chambers of Commerce.
  • By the age of 26, they developed an altogether new concept of “How to get into” and “How to Invest into a number of Franchise Models”.
  • And today, they have ended up getting the important Franchisees of GIANI ICE CREAM, WH Smith Chain, and Chai Garam.
  • Besides, today they are also the Franchisers of C4 (Car Wash Centre), E.O.D (Every Other Day), and The Fast Food Co.
  • Moreover, they have recently started implementing & working on a new Idea of CNG Gas Check called Hydro Stretch Test Checking (CNG Gas Cylinder).

Some of the important takeaways for the ASB students from this Session were:

  • Overall, the Event comprised a lot of Practical lessons.
  • Illustrated the magic of Enthusiastic & Bold decisions as stepping stones to bigger success.
  • Demonstrated that even in harsh circumstances, “How things, and especially Finance, is supposed to be managed by staying grounded.”
  • Students learnt about “How to be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”
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