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Interim Union Budget 2024 – Live Screening

The Asian School of Business organized a “Interim Union Budget 2024 – Live Screening”. The live screening of the budget session for students was well-received, providing an insightful educational experience. Students actively engaged in gaining understanding of fiscal policies, economic policies, economic priorities and government allocations.

The full budget will be presented in July of this year, following the formation of the new government. This was an interim budget, in which no changes were announced to the tax slabs.

It was indeed a good opportunity for the students at ASB to foster a deeper comprehension of the budgetary process.

The live session was projected in the respective classrooms of BBA and BCA students of all batches at Asian School of Business. The students were instructed to submit a brief summary of the session, highlighting the key points of the budgetary session to their crafters. The session successfully bridged theory and practical application, leaving the audience with a better understanding of budgetary processes and their impact on various sectors. The attendees gained insights into the economic factors influencing budgetary decisions. Overall, it proved to be a valuable tool for academic enrichment, offering students a practical glimpse into the working of government finance.

Learning outcomes: The students will be able to create awareness about the role of budget on various sectors of the economy
The students will be able to apply the understanding of budget on their potential business ideas
The students will be able to comprehend the government’s fiscal policy and how it impacts the country’s economy.
The students will be able to apprehend the key components of the budget, including revenue sources, expenditure allocation, and fiscal deficit management.