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Sportify 2.0

Athleema Club at Asian School of Business has organised Sportify 2.0 event on 5th – 7th February 2024. The event was organized to provide students with the opportunity to showcase their talent and enthusiasm in the listed activities:

  • Table Tennis
  • Kho – Kho
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Chess
  • Carrom

Every student got to choose any one of the sports activities along with table tennis. The event commenced with an invigorating table tennis competition on the 5th and 6th of February and culminated in a series of other engaging games competitions, as mentioned above, on the 7th of February.

  1. Table Tennis: The tournament took place indoors at the SPORTS ARENA from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm on the first day of the event, with 16 students participating in 8 knockout matches on February 5, 2024, in a well-equipped facility with multiple table tennis courts. On the second day, February 6, 2024, we proceeded with the tournament, involving 16 participants and organizing 8 knockout matches to determine the 8 quarter-finalists for the last day of the event, which occurred on February 7, 2024. On the last day of SPORTIFY 2.0, after fast-paced rallies and intense competition, there was a final match between Shivanshu (BBA 2021) and Anuj Arora (BCA 2023), which Anuj from BCA (2023) won.
  2. Carrom: Carrom competitions were held, with players demonstrating their precision and aiming skills. This classic tabletop game brought together members for a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. A total of 37 students participated, who were further divided into 9 teams in the first round. After that, winners from each team advanced to the second round, where 4 teams were formed. This led us to the final round, where two positions were secured: 1st position – Sanit Verma of BBA (2023), and 2nd position – Atul Mishra BBA (2021).
  1. Chess: The club hosted chess tournaments, attracting chess enthusiasts of all skill levels. Players competed in a series of matches, displaying their strategic thinking and tactical prowess on the board. Twenty-nine students participated in the event, and during the initial round, 12 matches were played. The winners of each match proceeded to the second round, and this process continued until we identified the two finalists. The finalists were Farhan Ansari of B.Com (2023) and Yash Khokhar of BCA (2022), with Yash Khokhar emerging as the winner.
  1. Kho-Kho: We were showcasing the traditional Indian sport that requires agility, teamwork, and strategy. Participants displayed their skills in chasing and dodging opponents. Total number of students participated were 27, which were further divided into 3 teams, in which they played 3 matches with enthusiasm and sportsmanship. The finals took place between Shiva’s team, and Munna’s team, in which Munna’s team emerged as the victor of the match. The winner’s team members are Abhishek Kumar BBA (2022), Arpit Singh BBA (2023), Akshit Kumar BBA (2023), Munna Yadav BCA (2022), Mohd. Sakib BBA (2023), Dheeraj from BCA (2023), Khushi Chauhan of BBA (2021), Khushboo B.Com (2023) and Bhumika Sharma from BCA (2022).
  1. Volleyball: The club hosted volleyball tournaments, where teams battled it out on the court, displaying their teamwork, spiking, and blocking skills. The matches provided an exciting and energetic atmosphere. Total 36 number of students participated, forming 6 teams, each consisting of 6 players. The final was played between Tarun’s team and Neikhokim’s team, in which Tarun’s team emerged as victor of the match. The winner’s team members are Tarun Chauhan of BBA (2022), Nandini Kumari BBA (2022, Vishwajeet Pratap Yadav BBA (2021), Sita from B.Com (2021), James BBA (2021), Mohit Gandotra of BCA (2022).
  1. Basketball: Basketball enthusiasts gathered for intense matches in the club’s basketball courts. The sport emphasized dribbling, passing, and shooting, with participants showcasing their skills and teamwork. 20 Enthusiastic students participated in this sports event, forming 6 teams, each consisting of 4 players. The final was played between Team 1 and Team 6, and the victorious team was Team 1, whose members include Aryansh Bhanot of BBA (2022), Naman Singhal of BCA (2022), Saksham of BCA (2023) and Khushi Dubey From B.Com (2023).

These diverse events and activities at Athleema Sports Club provided opportunities for students to engage in a wide range of sports, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The club fostered a sense of community and healthy competition among its members.