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Student of the Year 2024- Grand Finale Season 2

The Asian School of Business recently hosted its electrifying and eagerly awaited event, Student of the Year 2024! This grandiose competition, designed to evaluate students’ wit, fitness, and talent, provided an unparalleled platform to showcase and celebrate the exceptional abilities of our Batch 2021 students.

From the start, the event buzzed with excitement as students vied for the top spot in the IQ round, sports round, and talent/cultural round. Each category had meticulously defined assessment criteria, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation. Beyond these rounds, the judges also considered presentation skills, confidence, public speaking, and verbal eloquence, aiming to reward excellence while fostering cooperation and a mindset geared towards hard work and resilience.

The enthusiasm was palpable as students dove into the semi-final rounds on May 22, demonstrating remarkable intellect, physical prowess, and artistic flair. The top ten students from both batches were selected for the finals, intensifying the competition and raising the stakes even higher.

The grand finale on May 24 was a spectacle of talent and determination. Mentored by dedicated faculty members, the finalists received invaluable guidance and support, preparing them to shine in the ultimate showdown. The atmosphere was charged with energy as students dazzled the audience with their talents—classical and contemporary dance, soulful singing, gripping story narration, mesmerizing guitar performances, evocative poem recitations, captivating mime acts, powerful dramatics, and stunning artistic creations.

The final event was graced by the presence of Indian actress and model Ms. Chetna Pandey, who added an extra sparkle to the occasion. After a series of intense and thrilling performances, Raghvendra Sahai from the BBA Batch 2021 emerged victorious, earning the prestigious title of Student of the Year 2024, along with a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh. Vansh Chadha of BBA batch 2021 claimed the title of 1st runner-up, and Prena Singh of BBA Batch 2021 secured the 2nd runner-up position.

This spectacular event not only highlighted the diverse talents of our students but also underscored the importance of holistic development. It was an unforgettable experience, leaving an indelible mark on everyone involved and setting a high bar for future competitions. The Student of the Year 2024 event truly celebrated the spirit of excellence, determination, and camaraderie, making it a shining highlight of the academic year!

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