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Web-A-Thon – A Web Development Competition

The Technocrat Club at ASB organised “Web-A-Thon – A Web Development Competition” on December 21, 2022, with the goal of introducing young minds to innovation, enthusiasm, and teamwork. The competition was open to students from all backgrounds and academic fields at Asian School of Business.

Within the competition, the students created web designs using any tools available, for ex, canva, figma, word press, html / css / bootstrap. Through this activity, students from all domains came out of their comfort zones and used their own creativity to design an interactive and responsive web page. This activity witnessed a huge amount of participation from 244 students spread across 53 teams, with students from various backgrounds and disciplines participating, and bringing their unique perspectives and ideas to the table.

The activity started with Round 1, where they designed their page in teams comprising three to five members and submitted that page onto a Google Form within a stipulated time. In round 2, all these teams presented their webpage and explained its features in front of an eminent panel of judges. The judgement parameters for both  round- 1 and round- 2 included : Quality of Design & Content, – Presentation Skills, – Teamwork.

The activity provided a platform for students to gain technological knowledge while also learning presentation and team management skills. A total of 19 teams, which comprised 88 students, reached the final round. Within the final round, the students were provided with a template (a contact form design), which they had to recreate with their creativity using the same technology in the stipulated time of an hour. All the students participated in the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. The judges were extremely astonished to see the professional web pages that were presented by the students and had a really tough time deciding upon the winners for the activity.