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OdhaDoZindagi : a visit to an NGO, Goonj was organised for January 30, 2023

Asian School of Business believes in the holistic development of its students. In order to instil sharing and caring in the students, a visit to an NGO, Goonj was organised for January 30, 2023. Goonj aims to build an equitable relationship of strength, sustenance, and dignity between the cities and villages, using underutilised materials as a tool to trigger development with dignity.
OdhaDoZindagi, Goonj’s annual winter campaign, was organised again this year, for people to contribute their unused coats, sweaters, socks, caps, blankets, etc. Asian School of Business contributed to making this winter warmer for the people. The institute donated woolens, shoes, clothes, etc. at Goonj’s office in Sarita Vihar, Delhi.
The main objective was to teach students about the importance of recycling, but what was learned that day was immensely more than the initial objective.
Goonj showed the students how to recycle. Their effective manner in which each detail of each recycled product was addressed was as crisp as any multimillion-dollar collaboration. Their creativity was stunning, and their dedication was motivational. The manner of use of materials that could easily be considered trash and non-usable was explicit. Using old audio tape reels as a sowing element in jute bags, collecting and recycling old unwanted shoes and converting them into new ones, or simply converting waste into art was nothing new to the students, but witnessing it happen from their own eyes lit a small flame within them that soon burned bright and far, as many students willingly purchased many products from the Goonj NGO on the day of the visit, and later many volunteered to make donations of recyclable waste materials collected from their homes and local areas.
It was truly a successful field trip mixed with joy, excitement, learning, and a true eye-opener for the students of ASB