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Self Defence Training Session on November 4, 2022, at the Asian School of Business

In an environment full of uncertainties, an individual may land up in a situation where one needs to stand up for oneself. The demand to learn self-defence skills is expanding along with the excessive rise in crime. Self-defence is nothing more than a collection of physical skills used to defend oneself from attack. Many individuals who place little value on studying self-defence may be deluding themselves. Nevertheless, given the present unfavourable circumstances in the world, learning self-defence is crucial.

A healthy and safe society is the right of every citizen. In order to make our students self-confident and empower them to protect themselves in uncertain situations, Asian School of Business, in association with Delhi Police, took the initiative of training its students via a highly important “Self Defence” training session on November 4, 2022, at the Asian School of Business campus.

In the training for self-defence, “The Lady Singham of Delhi Police,” Ms. Kiran Sethi, Sub Inspector, Delhi Police Central District, and Dr. Shiv Kumar Kohli, Self-Defense Specialist and Founder, Naina Activity Education Society, conducted a session that had a significant influence on both men and women. In the session, the instructor first conducted a warm-up session and then demonstrated the types of attacks and the ways one can be alert to handle the situation. She asked the students to volunteer for the demonstration and personally trained them on how to fight back against an attack. The instructor also made the students aware of the various helplines to be called in times of urgency.

Following the session, the instructors, Ms. Kiran Sethi and Dr. Shiv Kumar Kohli, were felicitated with mementos for their esteemed presence. The students felt more confident and full of energy after the training session. Around 300 students from Asian School of Business participated in the event, for which the students were also given certificates of participation by the Delhi Police.