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SEMI-FINAL – SOTY 2023 With the aim of fostering 360-degree holistic development in our students, what could have been a better platform than “Student of the Year”. The much-awaited grandiose event of the Asian School of Business, Student of the Year 2023, witnessed the vibrancy and vivacity amongst the 300 participants who competed to reach the top ten finalists of Batches 2020 and 2021. The students’ eagerness to nominate themselves since its successful launch organically boosted the event’s buzz. The nominees were divided into six groups and mentored by their mentors to prepare for the three rounds: the IQ round, the sports round, and the talent/cultural round. The semi-final rounds were conducted for two days, i.e., May 17 and 18, 2023. The first round, IQ, was designed to predict the reasoning ability of the students and was conducted with fine precision and accuracy. The second round, sports, to test physical fitness, saw energetic participation with a zeal to win the title, and the third round, talent/cultural, saw a wide range of cultural activities such as contemporary dance, classical dance, playing instruments, mimicry, acting, story narration, poem recitation, gymnastics, clap boxing, monologue, face painting, artwork, etc.

The two-day semi-final round presented the quest of finding the “all-rounder champion,” where students were seen battling for the niche title and earning recognition for a lifetime. The competition was designed to provide a platform for the students to sharpen their skills and a lifetime accomplishment that sets them apart from the rest. The mega event’s winner would receive a glorious trophy, a prize grant or seed fund of Rs 1 lac for the winner from the 2020–2023 batch, a laptop for the winner from the 2021–2024 batch, and a direct entry into the top ten finalists for Student of the Year 2024.