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Orientation Programme 2019

Noida, 17th August 2019: Asian School of Business and ranked as one of the best undergraduate B-schools in Delhi NCR inaugurated the new batch of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) on Saturday, 17th August 2019.

The distinguished guests for the ceremony include Mr. Harkawal Singh, Head Marketing (Oral Care), Dabur; Renu Bohra, CHRO, DB Schenker; and Mr. Feroz Khan, Partner & Associate Director, The Boston Consulting Group who graced the event with their presence.

The programme also witnessed the presence of Asian Education Group’s leadership and Asian School of Business’s academic team, which included, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group (AEG); Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director-Asian Education Group (AEG); Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir, Assistant Dean, Asian School of Business; and Mr. Ravi Sharma, Assistant Dean – Corporate Resource Cell (CRC) who hosted the event on behalf of the Institute.

Mr. Amit Kasliwal, India Head (Corporate Sales), Ford, delivered an interactive session on “Think Like a CEO” during the ASB BBA & BCA Orientation programme 2019.

In his welcome address, Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir, Assistant Dean, Asian School of Business extended his greetings and welcomed the new BBA/BCA batches along with the distinguished guests on behalf of AEG. Dr. Mir then congratulated the students for their decision to join a top BBA/BCA college. He assured the students that, “our mission of Growth with Education will transform you personally and professionally over the next three years with ASB”. In the course of his welcome address Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir got the incoming students acquainted with almost all the important departments of the college which would have crucial bearing on their future advancement. He mentioned Centre of Skill Development (CSD), Corporate Resource Cell (CRC) and the exceptional teaching pedagogy at ASB.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director-Asian Education Group (AEG) welcomed the students to “the beginning of a new session”. In his address, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava talked about the magnitude of responsibilities as an intuition to shape the future of the students. But he said that, “I am very confident as an institution because of my people, my heads, my faculty members, and the kind of curriculum we have”. At the conclusion of his address Dr. Srivastava gave two mantras to the students for their academic and professional success. He asked the students to “trust the system in which you are entering today”, because the onus of getting involved and identifying the problems to work upon those lies with them. Talking about having clear, direction, goals and focus Dr. Srivastava said, “When you are entering now into a professional course at a professional institution, you need to think about the velocity, you need to move with a velocity which measures how you are changing your position in a particular direction”.

Addressing the students’ gathering, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group (AEG) charged up the atmosphere with his emphatic words germinating out of his beliefs and conviction.  Dr. Marwah exhorted the students to align their thinking & feelings with goodness and to remember that “to achieve one’s goal in life, you have to have a very strong determination and a Yes-I-Can-Do-It attitude.”

This was followed by the release of “International Journal of Management and Information Technology”

Delivering his eminent guest address, Mr. Harkawal Singh, Head – Marketing (Oral Care), Dabur India Ltd., congratulated the students for joining ABS. He also made it clear in the very beginning that, instead of academic part, his address and speech would focus on importance of soft skills and their honing for the academic and professional success for students. He advised the students to interact with as many people as they can to master the art of people skills and people management, which will take them places.

This was followed by the eminent guest address by Ms. Renu Bohra, CHRO, DB Schenker. After congratulating and welcoming the students, Ms. Bohra then gave the students some practical advice on importance of domain knowledge and soft skills which include people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits and attitudes etc. Talking about the importance of soft skills and its impact on the employability of the students, Ms. Bohra narrated her experience of hiring wherein “we find students who were very good, very brilliant academically find it difficult to speak about themselves or win an argument”.

Lastly, eminent guest Mr. Feroz Khan, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group, congratulated the students for having “…chosen a right platform which can be leveraged for honing up your skills”. Mr. Khan expressed his elation on being amidst the promising young crowd and said, “I will sort of share my experiences and perspectives in terms of your professional and corporate career”. Apart from his advice on making the most of coming three years at ASB, Mr. Feroz Khan stressed upon the importance of integrity and character said, “Whatever learning you do make sure that it comes of its own integrity and own character…no talent whatsoever can sustain you at a level if it is not clubbed with integrity and character”.

The sedate academic event then witnessed the formal ‘Oath Ceremony’ that was led by Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir, Assistant Dean – Asian School of Business (ASB).

The lively event concluded with the customary Vote of Thanks delivered by Mr. Ravi Sharma, Asst. Dean – Corporate Resource Cell (CRC), Asian School of Business.


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