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AAGAZ: National Level Nukkad Natak Competition

Noida, October 30, 2021:- Abhivyakti, the Dramatics Club at the Asian School of Business concentrates on developing and exhibiting the personality of students through the Nukkad Natak Competitions. It organizes competitions, events and activities and offers excellent networking opportunities with fellow students. It also channelizes the diverse interests and talents of students by providing them with an avenue to display their talents.

In line with the objective, a national-level Nukkad Natak competition was held by the Dramatics Club of the Asian School of Business, Abhivyakti, with the goal of introducing young minds to social consciousness, self-reliance, and teamwork. The activity provided an effective platform to demonstrate artistic ability, creative flair, and wit and convey a strong social message through a powerful Play/ Skit to be presented in National Level Nukkad Natak Competition. The performances emphasised societal realities that are relevant to the present and left the audience with lasting impressions. The students performed their acts on themes such as Female Infanticide, Child Marriage, Dowry, Drug Abuse etc. The Dramatics Club is dedicated with the primary objective to bring the joy and power of Drama to students by providing high-quality dramatic programs and with a secondary objective of to offer participants the chance to experience the excitement and rewards of theatre arts while developing poise, social skills, confidence, and the ability to work with others. There were a total of 45 participants who were judged based on: Acting / Performance, Presentation / Visual Impact, Coordination / Teamwork, Creativity / Artistry and Confidence. The overall outcome of the program was to boost students’ artistic abilities, aid in teamwork, and improve their public speaking and empathetic abilities, all of which will raise their emotional intelligence. The students also benefited from suggestions made by qualified assessors to enhance their acting, inventiveness, stagecraft, and gestures.