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Asian School of Business inaugurates its BBA & BCA Orientation 2020 Program with great dignity!

Noida, 19th October 2020: Delhi NCR-based Asian School of Business – which is a part of Asian Education Group – inaugurated its new batch of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) today. The inauguration kick-started a grand week-long Orientation Programme scheduled from Monday, 19th October 2020 to Saturday, 31st October 2020. However, in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and keeping in mind the social distancing norms, this programme has been organized virtually to benefit the students who have embarked upon a new phase in their academic life.

The Chief Guest for the inauguration ceremony was Sh. Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and former Minister of Railways, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation. The Guest of Honor for the occasion was Dr. RS Sodhi. Managing Director, AMUL (Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited).

The inaugural ceremony also witnessed the presence of Asian Education Group’s leadership and Asian School of Business’s academic team, which included, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group (AEG); Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director-Asian Education Group (AEG); Mr. Saurabh Sharma, Director-Asian Education Group (AEG); Mr. Gurdeep Singh Raina Director-Asian Education Group (AEG); and Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir, Associate Dean, Asian School of Business who hosted the event on behalf of the Institute.

In his welcome address, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director-Asian Education Group (AEG) at first expressed his gratitude on behalf of the entire AEG Family to the honored guests for making it convenient to be a part of this ceremony and then extended his warm greetings and welcomed all the new batch of BBA & BCA students to the Asian School of Business. Talking to the students about the new conditions obtaining out of the ongoing pandemic, he said, “These are the challenging times of new beginnings and the positive aspect is that people have, through innovation and creativity created new norms of living. We all are conquering the battle against the pandemic with these new norms like online classes and virtual presence. At ASB, we have taken care of each and everything that might create hindrance to your professional development and there is no question of your not being ready for the corporate world at the end of your course here.”

In his inaugural address, Mr. Saurabh Sharma, Director-Asian Education Group (AEG), heartily welcomed all the new batch of BBA & BCA students at the commencement of “the most important new phase of their academic career, viz. graduation.” Comparing this phase to the other two phases, namely school & post-graduation, he said that “this phase was the main ladder of success.” He then importantly shared three key things that he said had “transformed people from the ordinariness to BIG fame and success – viz., Books, Individuality and Goal, appropriately acronymed BIG.” Thus he asked the students to cultivate the good habit of reading inspiring books, carefully guard their individuality by associating with like-minded people with big ambitions, and dream big and have big goals in their life.

Delivering the keynote address, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group (AEG) welcomed all the new students on board of Asian School of Business and enlivened the ambiance with his inspiring speech laced with some stirring Hindi couplets and motivated the students by stating that “two things were much more beautiful than what you can see with your naked eyes – your THINKING and your FEELINGS … and the best part is that both the things are there right within you!” Invoking the Almighty on behalf of all the new batch students, he prayed, “Hey Lord, give me good thinking and feelings and make me a good human being so that I can make an extraordinary difference within my nation and the world!”

This was followed by the Chief Guest address by Sh. Suresh Prabhu, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and former Minister of Railways, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation. Delivering his address from virtual platform, Sh. Suresh Prabhu at first congratulated Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group (AEG) for not just starting this college but also for naming all his institutions as “Asian” because “Asia is not just the largest continent of the world and originator of all major religions of the world but also because Asia will be the future of the world and houses two of the largest economies of the world.” He then congratulated the students for choosing the right college which, according to him, was “a professional institute offering quality education.” He then went on to talk at length about how all challenges and changes of the world are related to management, whether it is a problem or a solution. Here, he asked students to “always strive to become a part of a solution and steer clear of becoming a part of a problem.” Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic he said, “Tomorrow, the world will be a very different world. The pandemic has raised a lot of question marks around our social and economic existence and we need to think completely differently. You would be the first generation who will enter a completely different world. You have the advantage of seeing the past world and so while studying here at Asian School of Business, you must cultivate the ability to think differently and make the world become better tomorrow.”

Mr. Gurdeep Singh Raina Director-Asian Education Group (AEG) then addressed the august gathering and shared a very important thought with the new batch of BBA & BCA students. He said, “You may have heard people say that success in life comes to only those who have a strong background, a lot of wealth, power-connections, big social networks, and so on. And … you get disheartened! Let me tell you, all this is not at all true. If you believe them, this will put your mind in shackles and not let you achieve your full potential – just like the supremely powerful elephant in a zoo who is tied to a post with a chain right from the time it was born and therefore comes to believe in its helplessness and inadequacies even when it grows up as a full-grown powerful beast. Beware of this mind-set and come out of this debilitating mental block! Realize that the Almighty God has endowed you with all the capabilities to make it big in your life! And that, success is really a matter of staying always positive in your thoughts, words, and deeds and making the best out of the present opportunity through diligent hard work and perseverance.”

This was followed by an inspiring address by the Guest of Honor for the occasion, Dr. R.S. Sodhi, Managing Director, AMUL (Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited). Profusely thanking the AEG Family for the privilege of inviting him for this Orientation Programme, Dr. RS Sodhi traveled back in time and nostalgically remembered his own first day in college way back in the year 1975! He shared some interesting anecdotes from his college days and talked about his own course of career growth at AMUL Then, coming back to the current pandemic times, he acknowledged that today we live amidst a lot of uncertainties. He advised the students with his golden words, “Life is unpredictable … Don’t decide anything now. Listen, see, understand … then decide. But always remember, there’s no short cut to success. Work hard, give your best, see what are the trends in today’s time. See your strength … work on them. Success is all about hard work, hard work, and hard work!”

This lively morning session of the “Inaugural Ceremony” held on Monday, 19th October 2020 concluded with the customary ‘Vote of Thanks’ delivered by Dr. Maroof Ahmad Mir, Associate Dean, Asian School of Business.

The august gathering then dispersed for lunch.

The post-lunch session saw the star attraction of the event – renowned International Motivational Speaker Leadership Consultant & Business Coach recognized as “The Game Changer of India” by Times Group, Dr. Vivek Bindra, Founder & – take center stage of the function and deliver an absolutely mindboggling live interactive webinar on “Success Mantra of Becoming an Entrepreneur”! This motivational session was truly outstanding in the sense that Dr. Vivek Bindra offered a brilliant exposition of the real-life success mantra of becoming an entrepreneur that left nothing unanswered for the inquisitive new batch of ASB’s BBA & BCA students.

With this, this one-of-its-kind virtual ‘Orientation Day’ ceremony for AEG Asian School of Business’ new batch of BBA & BCA students came to a dignified end.


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