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Blood Donation Camp at Asian School of Business

To treat the growing number of diseases, an increasing amount of blood is required. This goes without saying: giving blood can be considered “a gift of life,” the most priceless present one can bestow upon another. It may be a surprise to us that your one unit of blood can save up to three precious lives. It is important to know that healthy people regularly give their blood in order to ensure that those in need of the same won’t run out of it. This is because blood cannot be stored for an extended period of time. ASB duly acknowledges that donating blood is one of the most honourable and sacred acts one can do. It is in alignment with this vision that on November 4, 2022, the Asian School of Business organised a blood donation camp on its campus, wherein the staff and the students donated their blood so as to ensure that they too played a significant role in saving someone’s life.

Doctors, volunteers, academic staff, and other administrative personnel all made contributions to the camp. They all deserve to be appreciated for the efforts they have invested, which surely will act as a stimulus for other people. ASB would like to extend a special vote of thanks to Lions Blood Bank for its exceptional efforts. Asian School of Business and the Rotary Club received sincere gratitude from the Blood Bank for sponsoring this camp.

Everyone who participated in the event felt a great sense of delight and accomplishment, for the event was solely driven by humanitarian causes. It is significant to mention that the event would not have been able to generate such overwhelmingly positive results had everyone not chipped in with their contributions. A certificate of appreciation was presented to each contributor and volunteer who made a contribution to the worthwhile cause. The college also received a certificate of gratitude for organising such a noteworthy event.