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Game of strength, Tug-O-War, adds fun quotient to AEG’s 8th Annual Inter-College Sports Meet, ATHLEEMA 2020!

Asian School of Business (ASB) – which is a part of Asian Education Group (AEG) and is ranked as one of the top ranked BBA/BCA colleges in Noida – recently held its much sought-after mega annual inter-college sports event, ATHLEEMA 2019-Season 8, from 21st-23rd January 2020 at the imposing Jasola Sports Complex, New Delhi with its traditional punch of excitement and grandeur, much accentuated by the glorious presence of the Indian football legend, Mr. Baichung Bhutia as the chief guest for the occasion.

A total of 50 top colleges of Delhi NCR actively participated in this high-pitched athletics’ meet including the two other constituent group colleges of Asian Education Group, namely Asian Business School (ABS) & Asian Law College (ALC).

Of the several games in which competition was held, one was the powerful game of strength, Tug-O-War.

The Tug-O-War event was a fun-filled event professionally played by all the team members. The event exhibited strength, team playing, motivation and impromptu decision making skills.

The event was taken to the next level by the participants where they used not just the muscular strength but also the technique, with the timing, to overpower the opponents. Here, the attire and the body posture played a major role for the winning team.

In the girls’ segment, the winners were the students of TRIPS, while the runners-up were the girl students from BCIPS.

In the boys’ segment, students from Trinity College emerged as winners, while students of BCIPS were declared the runner-up.

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