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Kushagra Madan

BCOM 2022-25

Life is like riding a roller coaster; it has highs and lows. There are thrilling, terrifying, worrisome, and triumphant moments. For me, every day has been a brand-new experience. The beginning was a little slow, and the sudden, significant change was challenging to process. I still recall my first day at college, when I was surrounded by strangers and felt completely out of place. I knew things would get better after a week, and they did when I made a few friends. Humans are social creatures that yearn for affection and a sense of belonging. Friendship is an essential component of our lives, therefore I was pleased to find them easily. When I got crowned “Mr. Fresher,” this gradual journey took off like a rocket. Every adolescent wants to be heard in society, but I never imagined that one of the most prestigious titles would be bestowed upon me. It was like a dream. Everything happened as a result of the teachers; they encouraged me, directed me, and served as a beacon for everyone. Exams! Every student’s most dreadful term. So it was with me; while I wasn’t able to do much studying, I did pay attention in class, which benefited me throughout. The professors have been really encouraging and sympathetic, and I’m hoping that with their help, I’ll be among our class’s sharpest students.