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Asian School of Business (ASB) is pleased to announce a mega event “Student of the Year (SOTY)”

Asian School of Business (ASB) is pleased to announce a mega event “Student of the Year (SOTY)”, a platform for its students to hone their skills and shape as all-rounders, with the possibility of winning a prize of “Rs. 3 Lacs” for GRANT/SEED Fund.

Being in a competitive and dynamic industry, it is of utmost importance for a student today to hold multifaceted competencies. The programme envisions to instil in a student academic excellence, mental well-being, physical fitness, creativity, application-based business and managerial skills, and, most importantly, to impart in them the right discipline to achieve professional excellence.

The battle of the fittest minds would begin with their admission to ASB, where each student would be given a chance to participate in the ASB Start Up Idea of the Year’22. India, being the third largest nation to witness the Unicorn Boom in the global arena, is a great opportunity for young minds to channelize their creativity towards entrepreneurship. Students can come up with their innovative ideas for starting up an entrepreneurial venture, and the winner of this challenge would bag a direct entry to the finale of “Student of the Year (SOTY)” and win an Apple iPad.

Taking the battle forward, each semester the students at ASB would be evaluated on the PROFESSIONAL ASSESSMENT SCORE (PAS) based on the academic score, attendance, participation in events & co-curricular activities, performance shown in Crafting Prodigy Program & discipline. The final scoring of the PAS will be displayed after every semester to keep the students racing towards the final goal. At the commencement of the final year, top 10 students with highest PAS score shall qualify for the GRAND FINALE of the Mega Event “ASB-SOTY“. The finale would entail to three levels: Sports Round, Talent Round and Business Plan Round.

“Student of the Year (SOTY)” is ultimately a platform for students to hone their skills, shape as all-rounders, and eventually bag a prize of “Rs. 3 Lacs” for GRANT/SEED Fund, along with a shield and the grand trophy.