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Count on your Blessings

The Human Values and Counseling Cell at the Asian School of Business works with the objective to assist students in better understanding the values that govern their daily lives and to help individuals correct their individual values with collective values as a community.

As we are in the most magical time of the year and are going to step into the new year very soon, it’s time to cherish the beautiful memories of the year and show our gratitude to them. The Human Values & Counseling Cell brings to you a week-long celebration, “Count on Your Blessings,” a gratitude-giving activity, from December 23rd to 28th December 2022.

The activity is divided into 3 phases: Secret Santa, The X-Mas of Gratitude, and Grat-a-Prof.

The First Phase: “Secret Santa”—Within this phase, you are required to bring gifts for the underprivileged students and make their Christmas merrier. The donation box will be available on the 6th floor of the management block.

The Second Phase: “The X-mas of Gratitude” -Within this phase, the Gratitude Tree would be available on the 6th floor of the management block. This is your space to show appreciation for all the beautiful experiences you have had throughout the year in college through notes of gratitude. For the activity, you will be guided by the faculty on the day of the activity.

The Final Phase: “Grat-o-prof” – Within this phase, the students are supposed to register in teams of 2 to 6. Each team will select a professor or professors and show their gratitude towards them through a poem recitation, speech, role-play, song or music, poster presentation, musical play, handwritten notes, or handmade cards only on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

The best expression of gratitude will be selected as the winner of the competition on the day of the activity.

Let’s together count and celebrate our blessings.