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Greening Our Future: Aravali Conservation and Environmental Awareness

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming session titled “Greening Our Future: Aravali Conservation and Environmental Awareness,” organized by the Community Service Club of Asian School of Business. This event is scheduled for the 20th of October 2023 and promises to be a substantial platform to illuminate the vital work undertaken by Save Aravali Trust.

Event Overview:

Date: 20th October 2023

Time: 03.10 PM

Venue: AEG Auditorium



The primary objective of this event is to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding among our students and the wider community about the importance of conserving the Aravali Range. The Aravali Range is often regarded as the lungs of the Delhi NCR region, and the Save Aravali Trust has made a profound impact in preserving this vital natural treasure.

Resource Person -Mr. Pankaj Grover:

He is Head Community Engagement, Save Aravali Trust, also a renowned motivational speaker, coach, educator,and environmentalist. His tireless commitment to environmental conservation, afforestation, water conservation, and the protection of the precious forest life in the Aravali is truly commendable. As the Head of Community Engagement, Partnership, and Media at Save Aravali Trust, he had played a pivotal role in advancing the cause of environmental protection.


  1. Introduction to Save Aravali Trust
  2. Achievements and Impact
  3. Challenges and Opportunities
  4. Q&A Session

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness among students and attendees regarding the environmental significance of the Aravali Range.
  • Greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities in Aravali conservation.
  • Inspiration for students to actively engage in environmental protection and preservation activities.