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8 Mantras for New BCA Students

Have you taken admission in BCA for the academic session starting 2018? If yes, you may still be wondering as to what all you need to do for being successful. Well certainly the yardstick for success regarding this course is different as compared to what you used to chase as a norm during your school days. In school days you are more of academics oriented with more focus on examinations, but while pursuing BCA, you certainly need to focus more on overall learning so as to make yourself job ready.

As a thumb rule, while pursuing BCA, you need to focus on the following so as to be successful:

  1. You need to be clear about the basics of Computer Sciences. Students who have studied Computer Science at Grade XII will certainly have an edge over others. So the ones who have not studied Computers previously need to work harder to catch up with the rest of lot. In case the basics are not clear, it would become very difficult for you to move ahead.
  2. You should attend your classes regularly and score a decent CGPA. This is important for you, whichever field you want to pursue later, be it higher studies or becoming a part of corporate world. At the same time, you need to be aware that a good CGPA may not guarantee you a good job in case your other skill set is not as per expectations of the recruiter; however, a poor CGPA is certainly going to reduce your chances of success.
  3. From the view point of scoring well in examinations, you may follow only what has been mentioned in your syllabus, however for your overall development, you should not limit yourself to the prescribed syllabus only. You should start following the topics outside your course as well to expand your domain knowledge and doing so can serve you with a differential advantage over others.
  4. While going through BCA Program, you may also get into the basics of some other courses as well. You may take on some other technical course that may not be a part of your syllabus. PHP, .net, some courses on multimedia or animation may be the ones you can zero on and doing so shall help to you improve your skills set.
  5. Applying practically the theories that you have learnt is going to be very important. You need to practice programming as well as domain theories on a regular basis. This shall improve your skills thereby making you more of ‘job ready’.
  6. BCA students are supposed to do summer internships as a part of the curriculum. However, you need to make sure that the companies with whom you may be associated with as a summer intern should be of repute. Internships and trainings in a good organization shall improve your chances of a worthy employment in the time to come.
  7. You should keep yourself abreast of the latest updates taking place in the field of information and technology. You need to have a good knowledge base regarding latest inventions in the relevant field.
  8. Last but not the least; you should be prepared to put in extra hours of decent effort. Hard and smart work right from the onset shall yield better results, grade wise and otherwise for rest of your life.

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