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BBA Program – Stepping Stone for a Successful Career in Management

Gone are the days when Engineering and Medicine were the only two career options that a Grade XII student would have, or at least what was being thrust upon him in case he was not sure about the things himself. Over the past decade or so we have seen a paradigm shift in students opting for management courses, particularly at the undergraduate level and that can be attributed to intensifying competition among the market players (companies).

Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year degree program and it aims at providing a fundamental education in the field of business principles. BBA programs do offer practical management training to students that prepare them to work successfully in an organization subsequently.

One may opt for various career paths after completing the BBA Program. A candidate can either choose to opt for higher studies or may start working soon afterward. They may choose higher courses in the field of Management like MBA or PGDM or even short term specialized courses in Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing for that matter. Different specializations in the Master’s Program in Management include Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Systems International Business and so on.

With more and more candidates opting for BBA course at under-graduate level, we have put down a list as to why students generally prefer to do so:

  1. Market Needs

Presently, the Indian economy as a whole is expanding at a fair clip. As the present-day companies are expanding and also new start-ups popping on the scene, these companies need workforce possessing sound knowledge of business principles. Candidates with BBA degrees are capable of forming a part of the performing team in any organization.

  1. Exposure and Experience

On account of the nature of the BBA Program, most of the candidates end up working with companies in the field of marketing, sales or operations. This leads them to a very good exposure to market trends thereby making them skillful and thus improving their decision-making skills. BBA program teaches the students practical solutions to tackle dynamic situations so that they are able to deliver in the times when things get tough.

  1. Future Growth

Candidates with an undergraduate program in management have a good market exposure and relevant experience; thereby they often witness faster growth than others. A hard-working candidate is expected to rise up ladders at a faster clip and become a manager in a shorter span of time. Such candidates are generally further trained for higher managerial roles.

  1. Remuneration

Financial incentives do form a very important aspect of every job. Candidates having gone through undergraduate management programs at a good undergraduate business school can expect handsome salaries that are expected to grow even further in the future.

  1. Entrepreneurial Touch

There are quite a few good BBA Colleges in Delhi that have specialized courses that provide a distinct advantage to the candidate in terms of skill development and experience. Colleges like Asian Business School, Noida (Delhi NCR) even train students to start their own venture and run it efficiently. In other words, candidates are trained to be job creators rather than job seekers.

Summing up, while considering all the above-mentioned aspects that may be available for a candidate who has pursued management course at the undergraduate level for starting his career, chances of getting a good job with a decent growth along with a good job profile are fairly good and that is why these days, many of the students after completing Grade XII are opting for BBA as a stepping stone for a successful career.