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To start with, first up we need to understand the difference between an “Industry Integrated” course as compared to others since the prospective students would not have encountered such a term at school level before.

In past, the traditional education system in India no doubt has produced lot of highly educated intellectual capital who are primarily very good at theoretical knowledge. However, post liberalization with the scenario changing drastically on account of intense competition between firms, the industry is observing lot of gaps in the traditional education system that includes:

  • Hardly any practical training imparted to students at the undergraduate level
  • Not supplementing their theory base with good practical exposure
  • Students lacking in interaction with industry

A good industry oriented BBA course is designed to take care of the above mentioned drawbacks with the objective of helping a student prepare better for a professional life. Benefits of such a course is based on premise of exposing students to the corporate world.

With a focus on making the student corporate ready, the industry integrated programs get designed in such a way that subjects students to industry visits, seminars, live projects, guest lectures, workshops, conferences thereby enabling them to get firsthand experience from the industry. Apart from students being provided a basic overview, their foundation is strengthened by better business communication models, entrepreneurship and much more.

The Industry Integrated pattern of education equips students with the requisite skills so as to meet the requirements of modern day industry norms. Summer internship trainings are a part of curriculum wherein students would work in an organization for a period of 6-8 weeks during their summer breaks. Working in a firm helps them to gain insights as to how the theoretical fundamentals can be applied in real life situations, probably what they would never have done ever before.

Some top BBA colleges in India like Asian School of Business, Noida also makes you learn a foreign language so as to give you a distinct edge if you may opt for working or for pursuing higher education from abroad. This institute also offers you some additional certification courses like Social Media Marketing and Business Analytics, Media and Entertainment, Corporate Communication as doing so enables the student to be in a position to adapt to the corporate better and hence start delivering sooner than later, in other words making them corporate ready.

So for all those who may be seeking admission in BBA program in the near future need to ensure that the college they are opting for is providing an industry integrated course rather than a traditional one otherwise you may be putting hard work over a period of 3 years and still finding yourself lacking as compared to others once you are out of campus.