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Orientation programme sets students strong on their new academic journey!

Starting a new course in a new college can make students nervous. They have many questions in their mind like “What type of college environment is there in the particular institute?” “Where to go for query if any?” Such questions disturb students and cause them anxiety. Orientation programme helps students to come out from these problems.

Orientation is also known as induction. Orientation programme is organized in all colleges including top BBA/BCA colleges in India  as an event marking the first interaction of students with their college. In the orientation programme, colleges, including best BBA/BCA colleges in India, also invite some famous personalities to motivate  the students and set them strong on their new academic journey.

BBA & BCA programme is a professional course; this makes students panic more. Orientation programme for BBA & BCA students as obtained in almost all top BBA/BCA college in India like the Asian School of Business (ASB) in Noida, help the students to understand their curriculum better and they get familiar with the rules and regulation of their colleges as well. Apart from this, there are many other significances of the Orientation programme that can be briefly enumerated as below:

  1. Students are introduced to their college and its academic infrastructure like library, information technology, computer labs, etc. which helps them in their personal and academic goals.
  2. Students are familiarised with other students, staff and teachers.
  3. In orientation programme, students get introduced to their academic advisor. Academic advisor helps students to get familiar with their academic environment.
  4. In orientation programme, comprehensive information is provided which help the students to gain knowledge.
  5. During orientation programme, students are introduced with their new class fellows, and this helps them to make new friends.