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Things to Know Before Taking Admission in BCA Course

Despite the fact that a student from any stream in Grade XII can opt for the BCA course, one needs to realize that prior knowledge in Programming languages shall certainly be a differential advantage for a student over others. Anyway, what one should take into consideration before taking admission for a BCA course is as follows:

  1. Be clear about the basics of Computer Sciences / Information Technology. Those who have had Computer Science / Information Practices in Grade XII probably shall have a differential advantage over others. Other students need to ensure that they toil hard so as to catch up with the rest and that too as soon as possible. One needs to understand that one can proceed ahead only in case the basics are well understood.
  2. It is important for students to apply practically various theories that he has learned during the BCA course. For the same, he should practice programming as well as domain theories as much as possible. This shall certainly help him increase skills and confidence levels and thereby helping him to do better.
  3. A student probably needs to work on things that may be outside the prescribed syllabus that he is supposed to follow. He can work on other technical courses that may not be a part of his syllabus. .NET, PHP, some specialized courses on multimedia or animation is what he may try in case they are not a part of the syllabus he is following. By doing so, his domain knowledge is expected to expand and hence he will be at an advantage as compared to others.
  4. You should do internships and training only with good and reputed IT companies. Doing so will increase your chances of employment and growth in the future as your skillset and knowledge are expected to be better than others.
  5. A BCA student should keep himself aware of the latest updates taking place in the relevant domain. He needs to be aware of the proper information on the latest developments in Information Technology.
  6. Last but not the least, admission to a good college is what one should focus upon as a mere BCA degree won’t be of great advantage to the student. Post Liberalisation, companies have a tendency of choosing candidates who have the set of skills to start working productively from Day one. Hence, one needs to be clear that the college you choose should have a curriculum designed in such a way so as to provide you experiential learning so as to make your corporate ready. Some top BCA colleges in Delhi NCR like Asian School of Business, Noida ensures that a student is exposed to all real-life situations to go along with classroom studies so that he is corporate ready once he is out of the campus and that is what the modern-day companies want. As a result, colleges like these are the preferred destinations of students for BCA admissions.