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Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year degree course at undergraduate level and is related to computer applications. With the rapid advancement of Information Technology sector, demand of IT professionals has been steadily rising over past couple of decades. This rapid growth of IT industry thereby has created lot of opportunities for computer science graduates due to which many students do opt for this program at graduation level. BCA is designed to provide you a deep insight into the modern world of computer applications. Incorporating latest advances into the curriculum, this course helps in bringing the IT industry and academic institutions closer.

Most of the colleges that offer BCA Programme assist students in gaining programming knowledge and at the same time imparting them with theoretical knowledge. In some cases, these colleges also provide students an option to choose electives that would further enhance their domain knowledge in specific fields.

The programme is designed for a period of 3 years that is divided into 6 semesters each lasting 6 months. BCA syllabus comprises of core subjects like database management, data structures, networking, graphics, software engineering, visual basics in addition to programming languages like ‘C’, ‘C++’ and ‘Java’. However, the syllabus may vary from one university to the other with some of the colleges offering elective papers whereas some may not do so or at least the choices of electives may be different. In short, course curriculum, syllabus and maybe even electives might differ across universities.

Asian School of Business, Noida is one of the top BCA colleges in India and has designed its curriculum with an intention to provide its students a dynamic environment so that they can get transformed into highly skilled computer professionals. The aim is to provide students an in-depth knowledge of various subjects related to Information Technology as well as basic concepts of mathematics and management. BCA curriculum followed by this college is mentioned as below and it shall help you to get an idea about the various subjects that are covered under this programme.

Detailed Curriculum (BCA)

Semester I Semester II
Mathematics I Mathematics II
Programming Principles and Algorithm “C” Programming
Computer Fundamentals and Office Automation Organization Behavior
Principles of Management Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
Business Communication Financial Accounting and Management
Practical Work on Office Automation Practical Work of “C” Programming
Practical Work on Programming Principles and Algorithm
Semester III Semester IV
Object Oriented Programming using “C++” Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications
Data Structures using C and C++ Operating Systems
Computer Architecture & Assembly Language Software Engineering
Business Economics Optimization Techniques
Elements of Statistics Mathematics – III
Practical Work of Object Oriented Programming using “C++” Practical Work of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications
Practical Work of Data Structures using C and C++
6-8 Weeks Summer Internship
Semester V Semester VI
Introduction to DBMS Computer Network Security
Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design Information Systems: Analysis Design and Implementation
Computer Networks E-Commerce
Numerical Methods Knowledge Management
Practical Work of DBMS Major Project
Practical Work of Java Programming and Dynamic Webpage Design Presentation / Seminar based on Major Project
Minor Project
Viva Voce on Summer Internship


In addition to the above mentioned subjects, the above mentioned institute emphasizes on Blended Learning Methodology wherein BCA students are being subject to live projects, summer internships, conferences, workshops, guest lectures, simulations that provide them hands on experience as they get a chance to interact with the industry professionals. The salient features of the programme also include enhancing soft skills of students so that they are better placed when they start their career. As a part of making the programme more industry interactive, you are provided an opportunity to learn a foreign language of your choice so as to give you an advantage over others if you may opt for working abroad. This institute also offers you some additional certification courses like Corporate Communication, Business Analytics and Media and Entertainment as doing so enables the student to be corporate ready and hence start delivering sooner than later, once they are out of the campus.

So if you are planning to take admission in BCA in near future, you should ensure that the college you opt for should provide you with some extra benefits by subjecting you to hands on experience so as to make you corporate ready.