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Significance of International Internship for BBA and BCA Students

International internship is an exposure to get unforgettable experience of academic and professional  learning. Having a global work experience makes your resume distinct and strongly noticeable, which is surely a very best thing to happen for building a great prospective career in today’s competition for jobs.

Learning from international internship is very helpful; attending workshop/seminars and working on projects during internship abroad, help one to develop skills required by today’s globalized corporate world. International internship provides a platform to boost-up skills by understanding global scenario from different cultural perspective. There are several benefits of international internship as figured out below:

  1. Cultivate new skills:

International internship fosters new skills and improve the existing ones. Through international exposure, one gets to work in different environment where working time, working strategy, ethics, communication, and discipline are quite different from their home country. So, that is an opportunity where many new skills are developed and the existing ones may be improved upon. This cross- cultural skill development is one of the best opportunities given during international internship.

  1. Help in career networking:

International internship helps in making a strong and personalised network with professionals working in other country. This increases opportunities to get a good job abroad.

  1. Make resume more impressive:

Mention of international internship experience in one’s resume makes it more impressive. Nowadays, firms and corporate houses are keen to hire people who have had working experience abroad with MNCs. Such employees having knowledge of foreign companies’ working strategy and ethics are most welcomed and they get easily hired in firms of home country on high package.

  1. International internship help in language proficiency:

Communication skills are an important factor to be confident and smarter in the corporate sector. Good professional communication skills and knowledge of more languages makes you different from the crowd. International internship thus helps in building professional language proficiency.

  1. Help in exploring new ideas:

When we travel, we see many different things and meet with different people through which ideas and views are interchanged and which help us in exploring new ideas. International internship helps one to meet people from different countries. Working with these new people, new professional ideas are surely enhanced.

Thus,  international internship helps a lot in the pursuance of any course of study, but for professional courses like  BBA & BCA ,it is a golden opportunity to vouchsafe a great career. To get international internship is not easy, but if it is provided or facilitated by a college or institute during the course duration, then it definitely is a very nice exposure that cannot be overlooked. Top colleges for professional courses like Asian School of Business provide such exposures to students to enhance them with experiences towards a better understanding of the global business scenario.