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What is an academic journey without a punch of fun and frolics? Dull, drab and boring … isn’t it! Well, that’s not true at all times and at all places!

For those who missed the big fun, here’s a recount of a most exciting event that was held recently at the beautiful campus of one of the top ranked BBA/BCA colleges in Noida, the Asian School of Business!

Considered as one of the best colleges for BBA/BCA in India, Asian School of Business (a part of Asian Education Group) held its annual inter-college cultural fest by the name of AEG ‘KESSHET 2020-Season 7’ on Saturday, 29th February 2020 & Sunday, 1st March 2020 at its campus in Noida with great fun and frolics amidst the sparkling “Colours of Spring”!

This annual cultural fest is a platform to position students of various streams and institutions under one common roof of participation to explore, learn, share and innovate. It is a perfect blend of an array of colourful activities ranging from literary bent to theatre-based events and cultural events amongst others. It provides a wonderful platform to the student community at large to showcase different shades of their skill, talent, creativity and knowledge.

Thematically, KESSHET 2020 was based on the leitmotif idea of the beautiful ‘Colours of Spring’, which is why the whole ambience was marked by a generous punch of colourful conviviality, mirth and merriment.

The fest drew the best talent from more than 41 institutes across the nation, covering areas ranging from music and drama to literary events, games and creative explosion in graffiti spreading various colours at the ASB campus.

The event comprised of a total of 18 sub-events divided into 2 days – namely, Graffiti, Wizard-Computer Game, Singing, War of Brains-G.K. Quiz, Rangoli-Spray of Colours, Flamboyant Spring (Fashion Show), Battle of Bands, Rock the Floor (Solo Dance), Rock the Floor (Duet Dance), Rock the Floor (Group Dance), Hamari Adalat, Nukkad Natak, Word Power, Crafter’s Clay, Funk Out of Junk, Volte Face-Turncoat Competition, MIME, and Talaash-Detective Game.

Judgement of each event activity was made on the basic parameters of creativity and innovation. Prizes for the winners of each category were distributed amidst loud applause and a great bonhomie. Irrespective of whether they won a prize or not, all the participants went back home with great memories and a lifetime experience.

The climax of the event saw a rocking performance by Indian-Canadian Punjabi playback singer and songwriter, Jaswinder Singh Bains, aka Jazzy B that gave the guests and the students a lifetime experience of fun, frolic and incessant memories.

Does that excite you? So, look ahead for institutes like Asian School of Business!