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professional certifications



We all know how difficult it has been to find a stable job in these uncertain times when the current economy is spiralling. The rate of unemployment has skyrocketed. The current working employees are finding it hard to maintain their job security amidst COVID19. 

In the midst of the chaos, the pandemic brought with it an increase in the demand for professional courses. Investing time in additional learning during lockdown made a huge difference in propelling the careers forward. 

It’s true that training and certifications can help in boosting your career and increase your chances of landing a secure and well-paying job. 

Having such certifications in your resume can make an incredible impact on employers as they will see you as an individual who is a proactive and committed person towards his/her career.

In this blog, we will try to give you more detailed insights into how additional certifications can help you advance your career and add credibility to your skills.


Certifications: A great jumpstart for your career

Whether you are a recent graduate from university or are trying to change career paths, getting a relevant certification can be helpful in validating your skills and knowledge in your field. 

It is very common for college students to be out of sync in regards to what the job market demands in a candidate. Although they possess theoretical knowledge of subjects but lack certain skills required to operate in a production-ready environment.

An effective training program can help bridge this gap among aspiring young professionals. And with adequate certifications, you can prove yourself to be job-ready and make your expertise recognized.


Stay ahead of the time with in-demand skills

professional certifications




If we look into the current pattern of the industry, the unexpected transformation in the digital world is resulting in the demand for specialized candidates who’ve got a set of skills that are not easy to find.

It is a perfect opportunity here for freshers to upskill themselves and be up-to-date as recruiters are finding it a bit hard to fill these roles in their companies! 

As per the report of the World Economic Forum, more than half of the employees will need to be retrained and upskilled by 2022. 

So, don’t you think it is a golden opportunity for you to stay ahead of the game? You should start researching the latest in-demand skills. Make sure to habitually upskill yourself, and update your knowledge because staying relevant will help you secure your position in the industry.


Negotiating a higher salary!

Yes, you read that right! 

With relevant certifications, one can request a higher salary during negotiations. Your employers also know that having a team member with industry-relevant certification can benefit their business in the long run. So, their preference will automatically lean towards the candidates having such industry skills and knowledge.

Statistically speaking, according to a study, the notable benefit of certifications is a high-rank job title with handsome salaries. 

So, as an aspiring candidate who is eyeing the dream job, this is the right chance to upskill yourself and set yourself apart from other candidates.

It allows for building trust with your employers. Having such certifications, employers will always try to retain you and even offer reimbursement for their training aligning with their particular job role.


Easier to land a promotion!

It is no secret that we all want to achieve our goals and move up the corporate ladder. We thrive to follow a progressive path and have a high-paying job with lots of other benefiting opportunities.

But this can only be achieved when you start investing in yourself: learning new technologies, in-trend skills, and tactics. We know it can be a bit overwhelming, but these traits will build your case more strongly while applying for promotions. Gaining these relevant certifications can prove your competence and commitment to your work.

Having the initiative to improve your skills and knowledge can be a deciding factor even if you have the same qualifications as your competitors. HR managers will recognize and prioritize your skills, knowledge, and passion for advancing your knowledge and will probably make decisions in your favour.


So, if you are wondering which certification courses you should opt for or where you can enrol yourself for these courses, the Asian School of Business, one of the best BBA colleges in Noida, offers several certification courses / Diplomas benefiting students to boost their career in the right direction.  

Make a wise choice!