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BBA Program at ASB develops management professionals by experiential learning!

The systematic process of improving learning, knowledge, skill, and understanding which gives us a path for bright profession is what can be called ‘Education’. Nowadays, as creation of new technologies and knowledge occur, our educational system should also be subjected to change. Our institutions of education must be open to changes and new opportunities which are being created these days. Here change means, education for any course must become practical with theoretical knowledge. Practical experience in any course increases learning, knowledge and makes a student to understand more rather than by theoretical knowledge. Practical knowledge must be applied in all courses; but when we talk about professional courses like BBA, it becomes a very important factor. BBA is a skilled-based professional management programme. For this, it is very important to have a high standard classroom interaction with lots of projects, role plays, research projects, developing competencies, solving real-life case studies, and internships. For imparting all these practical knowledge, Asian School of Business has well designed  their BBA programme.

At ASB, the syllabus is designed according to all practical and theoretical knowledge which is necessary for BBA to make it more skill developing and professional. ASB has designed  its curriculum with the following practical exposure:

  •  Guest Lectures :-

Experts from industries are invited and lectures are arranged to interact students with experts so that students know more about their course and learn the various practices in management.

  •   Industrial Visits: –

This is the best benefit which is provided at ASB, as they take their students for industrial visit every year which help them to observe how what they learn works.

  •   Workshops:-

In order to help students, build, develop and hone the skills needed to improve employability, leadership skills and strong work values, career building workshops are regularly organized at ASB

  • Professional community interaction:-

At ASB, students get to learn various managerial skills related to problem solving, critical thinking and team building through various club activities. Moreover, students are encouraged through CSR Club activities to have experience through community service.

  • Internships:-

Internship  is an essential part of education at Asian School of Business; students are required to undergo 2 months summer internship program on the successful completion of IV Semester. During internship, students learn how to demonstrate their skills and knowledge gained during classroom teaching. They acquire knowledge to work in a team, learn industry work model and the desired personal & professional skills.

All these opportunities are very important factors required for the BBA curriculum. ASB considers every important requirement and has oriented its BBA curriculum according to that. At ASB, students are educated not to just know about their course but also how they shall perform what they know at their workplace. For a professional course, a student must choose that institute where all the exposures are provided to develop their proper interaction with the syllabus of their course and how its woks practically and for this ASB is a best place!