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The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting business schools and students globally. This includes BBA colleges as well. COVID-19 is closing campuses, disrupting study schedules, and creating a challenging environment for anyone considering a BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This has surely affected the BBA admission processes.

But there’s also a bright side to the Coronavirus outbreak, with business school students and staff coming together to support each other through the crisis.

AACSB finds the silver lining for business schools

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) has reached out to business schools around the world with a survey to find the positives at this difficult time.

The School responses include:

“The crisis will act as a burning platform to encourage more faculty to rethink their approach to technology and to see how it can be used to provide a more engaging student experience. It will also force us to consider alternative forms of online assessment.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has perhaps accelerated the rate of change necessary to move the business school in the right direction, particularly with respect to the development of online and blended degree programs and short courses (micro-credentials).

“Hopefully [we] will avoid the worst of the impact of COVID-19. Also, [we] will have more faculty exposed to teaching on-line which, if they have a good experience, may increase the variety of courses offered on-line in the future.”

Impact of the Coronavirus on BBA colleges

To talk of the impact of the Coronavirus on management education in general, it can certainly be said that the Coronavirus pandemic will affect business schools, applicants, students and graduates across the world in no less measure. In fact, business schools and BBA colleges are now adapting with rare urgency to the escalating Coronavirus pandemic.

Like other educational institutions, nearly all BBA colleges in India have moved classes online, cancelled campus activities and events, and restricted libraries and other facilities. It is also advised that students who are worried about the impact on their transcripts as they enter a precarious job market should start preparing early for their final papers and exams and take advantage of videoconferencing tools to conduct group study sessions and feel less isolated during this challenging time.

BBA colleges will likely implement new policies to ease the transition. It can also be said that in coming months, BBA colleges may need to rethink the basic elements of business education, like student orientation, large lectures, public clinics, study-abroad programs and campus housing.