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Here’s How A BCA Degree Can Help Your Career

Bachelor’s in Computer Applications – viz., Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) – has quite a significant scope in the IT industry. The three-year-long degree course from the Best BCA College in Delhi NCR for Placement is competent for several career opportunities. A degree in BCA helps one to achieve his/her goals with a practical approach. The course is gaining enormous popularity as a lot of IT-based companies are opting to hire BCA graduates. Students with a BCA degree can even combine it with certificate courses for better future career protection. This extra certification helps a student in acquiring the required skills to upgrade their interest. The subjects that are taught in this 3 year-long course includes information structure, database, organizing, and centre programming languages like ‘C’ and ‘Java’. Ideas and subjects concentrated in BCA are in standard with designing subjects. On successful completion of the BCA course, the graduates of the Best BCA College in Delhi NCR can work as a database administrator, web designer, network/system administrator, web/multimedia programmer or as a software programmer. If an individual is interested in the teaching industry, he/she may even lookout for a faculty position in computer application and computer science.

Asian School of Business (ASB)-Noida, which is recognized as one of the Top Colleges in Delhi NCR for BCA, is known to offer preference to practical learning so that the students can prepare to face real-time challenges. Being one of the reputed colleges, ASB has established ultra-modern computer labs which are equipped with the latest hardware, software and internet facilities which help students to understand the fundamentals of IT, various tools for different domains and their executions. The Best BCA College in India even offers hands-on experience to students by holding various workshops and seminars by industry experts to develop new skills in various available technologies.

Jobs for BCA Graduates:

After successfully completing the BCA course, students can start working as a Software Tester or Junior Programmer and then can later be promoted to the position of a Senior Programmer. The industry of Information Technology is booming across the world. If a BCA degree holder has a solid background in technology theory, then career-wise, he/she can likely find their most competitive edge by completing their higher studies by pursuing MCA. A lot of reputed software companies including Infosys, Adobe, TCS, Google, Tech Mahindra, WIPRO, IBM and Microsoft among others hold campus placement drives at the Best BCA College in Delhi NCR for Placement and offer jobs with good salary packages to BCA graduates. BCA graduates have great career opportunities as they can work with job positions like a Network Administrator, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, Web Designer, System Manager, Software Developer, Software Tester, etc. depending on the skills that one acquires during their BCA course.

At Asian School of Business (ASB), much emphasis is given on project-based learning. The institute believes in excellence, innovation, collaborations with business industries and communities, integrity, and intellectual excellence. The BCA course being offered at the Best BCA College in Delhi NCR prepares the students to enter system analysis, internet and intranet application design and development, multimedia, testing and quality assurance, project management, object-oriented programming or database design and administration. With internships, practical projects and industrial visits, ASB ensures that the students get an overall experience.

The Bachelor’s in Computer Applications offers various opportunities to students who are always ready to learn and are not afraid to work hard. It is worth noting that obtaining a graduation degree in BCA isn’t enough to compel the employers to hire you. One must open their prospects by learning new skills and grabbing opportunities that are coming their way. If an individual is aiming to pursue a BCA course, it is always recommended that he/she aims for the Best BCA College in India which offers enough scope to improve one’s skills and stay competent and earn well with all modern facilities available for advance job-oriented learning.