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How is the life of a BBA graduate?

If we sit to probe about the life of a BBA Graduate, we will in all probability come across two main strands of opinion.  There are some who opine that BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is surely a professional course, but it will not get you a high paying job as an MBA graduate. They suggest that the post-graduation will add real value to your resume on the professional front. Thus, the life of a BBA graduate, according to them, will be just a normal life as one will have to start from a lower position in their career which could be as a clerk or a sales executive.

In contrast, there is another set of opinions that refutes this claim and states that there are plenty of job opportunities available for a BBA Graduate. They point out that BBA graduates can particularly look for jobs in sales and marketing departments of companies that can employ them as management trainees. And if you add some years of work experience to your BBA degree, you can be sure to get into the leadership position in any organization.

Though there is no doubt that post-graduation will add real value to one’s resume on the professional front, life for a BBA graduate is far from being so dismal. In fact, after doing BBA, depending upon the student’s aptitude, interest and skill set, they can work in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Finance & Accounting Management, HR Management, Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, Tourism Management, and so on.

And if we talk about the job roles, some job options that they can apply for and get better life include Sales & Marketing Executive, Operations Manager, Financial Analyst, Human Resource Manager, become an Entrepreneur, work in Govt. or PSU sector, work in Foreign Embassies, Event Management, become a Teacher, CA (Chartered Accountant), and many more.

Another essential thing to remember here is that, while choosing to go into the profession of management one must develop exceptional communication skills, problem-solving skills and quick decision making skills. This is because, with these skills, they will be able to grow in this field manifold.

Jobs & Career Opportunities after BBA

Every aspiring management professional should keep one thing in mind that management and administrative skills are foremost for growth. Furthermore, being a BBA Graduate they must know to make ideal utilization of available resources and help the respective business grow in a big way. While on one hand, one must know to handle the accounting, finance, marketing and technological aspects of a company, on other hand they must be well-versed in accomplishing key strategic decisions along with superior people management skills.

Private Sector Jobs after BBA

If we talk of private sector jobs, the private sector companies certainly have the competitive edge. Here, however, one will have to deal with everyday market challenges with their problem-solving and decision-making skills. What’s more, the salary package that is being offered by private companies to management professionals today is just too attractive! Some of the industries where a BBA graduate can work are Advertising, Aviation, Banking, Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Finance, Information Technology (IT), Insurance, Media, Offline Marketing, and Manufacturing, to name a few.

Government Sector Jobs after BBA

When compared to the private sector, the salary package of management professionals in the government sector is not as lucrative. But, in the government sector there is the minimal work pressure and maximum job security and stability. In fact, the scope for management professionals in the government banking sector is topmost as compared to any other domain. And then, there are several government-run accountancy and financial institutions too that are always on the lookout for young and ambitious BBA Graduates. So, if as a BBA graduate you think you are good at analyzing key issues, planning and managing resources and data-crunching, then you can be sure to enjoy a bright future in the government sector.