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Myths About BBA Course Which Are Just Not True!

Once you complete your 12th board examinations, your immediate next step is to choose the field you want to study further and work in. Very often students get confused between the career options they want to go for and the degree they should opt for as their undergraduate course.

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree course that can be valuable and a lot more enlightening for students before they decide to enter the professional world.

So, if you are someone who wishes to enter the corporate or business world, BBA is just the right course for you. It is in no way disadvantageous for your career and is totally worth the 3 years of time that you will invest in the course.

However, there are certain myths built around the degree of BBA. Five such popular myths about BBA are as follows –

BBA Is Only for Commerce Students

The most familiar and popular myth about BBA is that it is only for commerce students and that non-commerce students cannot pursue a course of BBA.

However, the reality is BBA is an ‘open to all’ degree course. So, whether you are from arts, science or commerce backgrounds, you can most certainly get into BBA.

No doubt, for commerce background students, the initial subjects like Accountancy and Economics can appear easier than a science or arts background student but there’s nothing in the course that’s too tough or completely unintelligible for them.

There’s No Difference Between B.Com & BBA

This is another myth that exists among many. The fact is that BBA and B.Com are two completely different undergraduate courses. The basic difference between the two is that BBA is a business or management degree whereas B.Com is a degree of commerce and accounts.

Hence, BBA helps you in getting into the business world and work in managerial positions in Marketing, IT, HR, Finance departments whereas individuals with a B.Com degree primarily get into the ‘finance only’ fields. They go on to become accountants, CA, CS and so on.

BBA Doesn’t Get You a Job Right Away

Some people also think that BBA is not a good degree that will help you to land up with a job right after the course completion. Their belief is certainly not true.

There are many students who go on to work right after their BBA course completion. Some of them decide to work for a few years before going for their masters to earn early work experience. BBA is a course that definitely helps them to land up with a job very early in their life.

A right BBA course introduces you to the corporate world and the business framework, exposes you to intern in companies and attend workshops and seminars conducted by business leaders.

A good BBA course in Delhi NCR also provides hands-on experience to the students that ultimately help them grab a job after completing their undergraduate degree course in BBA.

MBA Is the Only Way Forward after BBA

MBA is definitely not the only way forward after BBA. One can go on and enroll himself or herself in any other post-graduate degree course other than MBA.

You can go for Media Science or Mass Communication, Fashion Technology, Interior Designing, Animation, Hotel Management, MSW, L.LB and many more other courses.

While MBA is the most popular route students choose to go for after BBA, it is certainly not the only route that’s open for you.

BBA Is Not Worth the Money Spent

Some people also think that in terms of fee structure, BBA is too expensive if compared to what a student gets in return from the course.

However, many don’t realize that BBA actually serves a lot than we credit it for. A good business school prepares its students with firsthand knowledge about the business framework. Through case studies and practical hands-on experience, they learn and understand the fundamentals of business. They are also given opportunities to work under experts to gain experience so that the process of getting a job after the degree becomes smooth for them.

In conclusion, it can be said that BBA is a course that opens our mind and makes us learn the ways of business practices in the real world. It also helps us to become better communicators, build our personality in a way that helps us to become future leaders in the business world at an early stage of our life and careers.

So, if you have aspirations to become an entrepreneur or work in the corporate sector, enroll yourself into a BBA course in Delhi NCR without worrying about the myths and also check out the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR with fee structure before choosing the best one for yourself.