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Relevance of College Fests for a BBA or BCA Student

Not long ago, college life revolved entirely around academics and the students stayed mostly focused on attending lectures and writing exams. But things have changed drastically in the world of academics and in current times, with a view to engage students and prepare them for the real world, colleges and universities routinely organize college fests where they encourage students to participate and showcase their latent talent. Students also put in their best efforts to make these college fests entertaining and exciting. The fact is that, these multiple cultural events, technical fests, celebrity performances, competitions, partying with friends make you confident and job ready. These amazing college fests in fact play a significant role in shaping the career of a student in several ways.

Roughly, some of the highlighting points of importance of college fests in a student’s life can be stated as hereunder:

College Fests Provide Educational Benefits

Employers today prefer to hire candidates who are equipped with knowledge and expertise in their field and know how to communicate and interact with clients. Thus, your resume will push for your talent if you have been an active participant in college fests, cultural activities, sports tournaments or anything outside of the classroom. If you have been involved in multiple activities, it reflects your talent and potential. Hiring managers today look for such extraordinary talent where you have organized a college fest or hosted an event. In addition, if students wish to pursue higher studies abroad, these co-curricular activities make them stand out from other students. Besides, involvement in college fests along with classroom learning teaches students how to manage their time effectively, prioritize work, follow a schedule, and respect deadlines.

College Fests Promote Social Interaction

College fests and activities provide opportunities for students to interact with their peers and form new connections. While organizing any event, students invariably stumble upon new people and thereby build their network. Since most of these activities are group-oriented, students get to know about people from different cultural backgrounds and interests. These healthy interactions not only enhance the students’ interpersonal and communication skills but also prepare them for the real world.

College Fests Develop Soft Skills

Employers today seek candidates who can think out-of-the-box and possess effective communication skills. Those who can multitask, take initiative, and are enterprising stand a better chance of getting hired. Students can grow in multiple directions if they actively participate in college fests. Students who volunteer and organize college fests exhibit their aptitude of being a self-starter, which is highly appreciated by recruiters, especially while hiring for managerial positions. In addition, students also develop four essential skills from organizing fests – planning, teamwork, leadership, and multi-tasking. They also get to learn how to balance personal and professional life which helps in differentiating between doers and dreamers.

All these highlighting aspects of college fests in a student’s life goes on to show why the relevance of college fests in a student’s life is so unequivocally clear in modern times.

Thus, colleges and universities routinely organize college fests where they encourage students to participate and showcase their latent talent. To cite an example of the popularity and importance of these college fests in modern times, one may take a look at the well-received Annual Inter College Cultural Fest – “KESSHET – that is routinely held at the Noida campus of Asian School of Business (ASB).

Intended to be a platform to position students of various streams and institutions under one common roof of participation to explore, learn, share and innovate, KESSHET witnesses a perfect blend of an array of colorful activities ranging from literary bent to theatre-based events and cultural events amongst others. Providing a wonderful platform to the student community at large to showcase different shades of their skill, talent, creativity and knowledge, the Fest draws the best talent from more than 100 institutes across the nation, covering areas ranging from music and drama to literary events, games and creative explosion in graffiti spreading various colours at ASB campus year after year.