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Some key Benefits of Management education over Engineering in terms of career progression

In many ways, higher education is an important part of a student’s life. After completing Plus-2, there are generally a lot of career options for students. Of all these options, Engineering and Business Administration happens to be the two areas that are most sought after.

Engineering is totally a technical field where you need perfect knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics which controls the other two subjects. Management, on the other hand, is a judicious mixture of Social Sciences, Commerce, Technology, and even Mathematics- Statistics.

If one looks carefully at both these fields, he will find that the job prospects are more or less the same in both the fields. However, the actual difference lies in the fact that getting a job is much easier in Management domain and not in the Engineering one.

Basically, Engineering is a unidirectional area of studies where there is very limited scope of humanities, commerce and social sciences. Management, on the other hand, is a multi-dimensional subject which has both a commercial and technical angle attached to it. This is perhaps the biggest reason why getting a job in Management is much easier than Engineering. BBA course in Delhi NCR helps the Management students to get an overall grip over the administrative and managerial dynamics of all working sectors of the economy.

Real benefits of doing Management over Engineering is in terms of quicker job prospects

Bachelors of Business Administration or BBA is a spectacular platform of getting jobs easily in varied fields of Trade, Business, Commerce and even in areas of Information Technology. This particular program also helps an individual to develop his personality and soft skills to reorient his perception towards life. Thus, Management teaches both hard and soft skills which are missing traditional Engineering courses.

Secondly, if we carefully look at the curriculum of Management and Engineering in the graduate level, we can see that the subjects taught in Business Administration are much more job oriented than the ones in Technology courses. The BBA course helps an individual to get the basic idea of business principles and strategies which ultimately help them in the administration of an organization.

A lot of people had the conception that only the technology dropouts studied this field. However, today the truth is something else because the people interested in corporate and organizational management join this field and even use technology to smartly manage men, market, money and other managerial resources.

BBA course fees are kept at a balanced level to give students the opportunity to grab a job faster than Engineering.

Recruiters of today look for candidates who have a perfect mixture of both quantitative skills and humane skills. Here, quantitative skills include Management information systems, operations research, managerial mathematics, inferential statistics, research methodology and multivariate data analysis, while qualitative skills include Business ethics and Social structure of business, Business communication, Business environment, organizational behavior and human resource management.

Hence, it can be well inferred from the discussion that it is very easy for a Management student to get a job because of his comprehensive nature of studies which are relevant and connected to industry practices.