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The Value of Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

The Value of Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

In the area of academic delivery, several studies have suggested that the relationship between teachers and students can have a lasting impact on the overall development of a child. It has been found that the teachers who have strong bonds with their students have been more effective in their teaching roles. Along with lower levels of behavioral problems, teachers with strong classroom bonds are also able to attain higher levels of academic success among students. Presented below are some key highlights of the importance of positive teacher-student relationships.

It Improves Academic Success

Research studies have indicated that strong relationships between a teacher and his or her students can have a great impact on their academic success. Students start becoming truly more open to learning only when they start viewing their teachers as a partner rather than an adversary. Besides, this can turn classrooms into a synergistic environment where students are more willing to listen to both the teacher and each other.

It Prevents Behavior Problems in the Classroom

Students, in some classrooms, may feel a sense of alienation from those around them. Especially, students from a lower socioeconomic background may feel like school isn’t beneficial for them. For them, school/college is an environment that tries to control them without any personal benefit.

By helping students feel like they are part of a group by way of building a stronger relationship with their students, teachers can actually control many behavioral issues. Only then will students start feeling like they are part of a team, rather than outsiders in the classroom. Notwithstanding the fact that teachers are distinct from friends, striking a familial relationship can be beneficial for many students who experience issues with behavior.

It Improves Student Attitude Towards Classwork

As soon as students realize that a teacher really wants the best for them, they become willing to try harder in the classroom. A lot many students don’t understand that schoolwork/collegework, while it may not be fun, is beneficial for them in the long run. Sadly, many students view schoolwork/collegework on a superficial basis. Schoolwork/collegework is looked upon as something that isn’t fun and doesn’t provide a benefit. Nevertheless, by building a stronger relationship with students, teachers can surely help their students recognize the true value of their work.

It Aids Growth in and Outside the Classroom

As a concept, “Growth” embraces many different areas. Some of the major ones include emotional growth, academic growth, physical growth, and spiritual growth. Regrettably, many classrooms consider growth in terms of academics as their sole focus. Indeed, it is when teachers are able to take the time to build a stronger relationship with their students, it becomes possible to create a stronger understanding of what individual students need to achieve higher levels of growth. In doing so, teachers can adjust their classroom activities to better meet the needs of students and thereby gain the ability to help their students grow beyond academics. What’s more, they can also teach their students how to grow in many different facets of their lives and thereby ensure that their students have a successful future for themselves and all those around them.