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Beyond regular BBA

Unlike most management degrees, Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) is a versatile degree, especially at the bachelor’s level, where the focus is primarily on theory.

BBA degree focuses on theoretical, practical application as well as the personal development of the student. Throughout the program, students also gain many essential skills that help them become successful corporate professionals.

A BBA Program That’s Gaining Some Brownie Points

Asian School of Business, one of the best colleges for BBA in Delhi, NCR, offers professional degree courses in Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) with affiliation to CCS University.

But what’s unique about their BBA program is it is offered in both parameters i.e BBA (International) and BBA (General). It is great that through the ASB international management program, students get the opportunity to gain that distinct edge of learning from the best at the global platform.

More about the ASB BBA Program

BBA International:

BBA international program is a three-year full-time degree course. This program at ASB is affiliated with Charan Singh University (CSS), Meerut.

The ASB International Program is designed to focus on giving the students a basic understanding of both worlds, national as well as international. Here, students get to learn about the management concepts of the international business environment along with the business entertainment industry.

Under this program, the students get an opportunity to give their academics an international edge. A paid residential workshop on the Business of Entertainment is provided by ASB at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles.

You get to attend an exclusive workshop at USC-SCA Campus that specializes in topics like entertainment marketing techniques, entertainment finance, and business management. This workshop adds to the lessons that students already learned during their theoretical classes.

And after the completion of this workshop, students receive an international certification that is exceedingly acclaimed in the media and entertainment industries throughout the world.

The BBA Advantage at ASB:

Through the global workshop at USC-SCA, BBA (International) students gain the ability to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to the real world, giving them a competitive edge when applying for jobs and internships in the corporate world.


The curriculum is quite flexible in terms of lectures, workshops, etc. And as an added bonus to this international program, management aspirants will earn a diploma in Business of Entertainment from AAFT and participate in a USC-SCA campus workshop during a ten-day residential learning trip.

General BBA:

Asian School of Business (ASB) offers a three-year full-time Bachelor of Business Administration degree program affiliated with CCS University (CCS), Meerut.

Under ASB, an academic environment is designed and structured in such a way that young minds can be intellectually stimulated. The program aims to provide students with a fundamental understanding of management concepts as well as international business.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (General) program at ASB, will give you opportunities to learn about all aspects of business operations as well as learn specific on-job skills. Upon successful completion of this regular degree program, you will be able to put the acquired skills and knowledge to their use in order to achieve organizational goals.

Experiential Curriculum:

With this undergraduate program, students gain a deep understanding of management theory along with intensive exposure to the business world. At the Asian School of Business, the curriculum was designed keeping in mind the specified must-haves of stakeholders and the evolving demands of the industry.

The program offers incredible flexibility and opportunities through a credit-based approach.

This includes lectures, case studies, role-plays, and integrative exercises. The main goal of the faculty is to make students adept at solving various problems related to business while giving them flexibility in their curriculum. In this way, they become familiar with global business scenarios and get a platform to learn about rapid changes in business structure.

Additional Diplomas / Certification Courses Under BBA:

Certificate in Family Business Management (FBM)

Upon earning the Certificate in Family Business Management (FBM), you will be able to add to your impressive management and technical skills with the strategies and tools to incorporate social and human factors when advising business families.

Other distinctive features of BBA at ASB:

  • Dedicated academic faculty: At ASB, the highest standard of academic responsibilities and activities such as group discussions, organizational role plays, brainstorming sessions, etc., are executed by the fully dedicated academic staff. The faculty members are very hardworking and impart education in the best possible way.
  • The international focus of the degree: The launch of new courses as additional diploma programs in business analytics, social media marketing, corporate communications, and foreign languages enhances the learning opportunities for students
  • Training and skill development: ASB provides students with rigorous training and skill development programs like interactive classroom lectures, industrial tours, case studies, corporate orientations, and assignments to ensure the all-round development of students.
  • Unique crafting prodigy: Under the CSD umbrella at AEG, a unique mentoring program called “Crafting Prodigy” offers personalized attention to talented students. There is a ‘Crafter’ for each student who provides personalized attention to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, then focuses on developing the skills needed for success in a dynamic global economy.


Concluding, we would like to say that sometimes it is important to think outside the box and pursue a path that is not predictable yet fruitful!

So, if you are thinking about pursuing a career in business management, we would suggest you opt for the Asian School of Business, one of the best colleges for BBA in Delhi, giving you the advantage of gaining an insight into international management concepts and the environment.

Make the most out of it!