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Top Career Options for Students Pursuing BBA

A majority of the students who wish to make a career in the business sector pursue BBA. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is essentially an undergraduate business course offered by various colleges and universities. Basically, this course introduces students to the various aspects of running an effective business and helps you get an understanding of the basic concepts related to this sector.

Following are some of the career options that you can explore after completing BBA:

Start your own business venture: Completing BBA will give you a very strong understanding of the functionality of business and different aspects associated with it. So, once you have completed this program you can start your business venture. Deciding to do this will let you make practical use of all the knowledge that you have acquired during your studies. Apart from this, you get to be your boss, get the opportunity to lead a team and use your administrative skills.

Take up managerial roles: After BBA, there are many managerial fields that you can fit into, such as Marketing Manager, Business Consultant, Research & Development Manager, Finance Manager, and Human Resource Manager.

Besides, you can also apply for jobs in the corporate sectors such as Banks, Education institutes, Multi-national companies, various business financial and marketing organizations and many more. There is no dearth of jobs for a student with a BBA degree. There are innumerable options for you at your disposal.

Hotel Management: BBA course imparts good knowledge of management and therefore making a career in hotel management can be a good option. From managing finances to handling different teams, a job in the hotel management requires all sorts of managerial skills and a student with an BBA degree can very well step-up to the expectation.

Teaching: Again, getting a job in the education sector is a very good career move for an individual with a BBA degree. As we already know that management courses like BBA is highly in demand, as they are also in need of professionals who know to teach all the technicalities and provide other students the guidance. BBA graduates will be capable of conducting classes in finance, economics, and accounting.

Chartered Accountant (CA): If finance and accounts interest you, then Chartered accountancy is a career option for you after you have completed your BBA Program. Having once completed this course, you can get a CA degree, after which you will be easily placed in any sought-after multinational companies.

Foreign Embassy: It might come as a surprise to students, but several foreign embassies need employees with a management background. In fact, taking up a job in a foreign embassy is not only a highly paid profession but through this, you also get to visit different countries and learn about different cultures. This way along with a job you also get to put the knowledge and education that you have received from your BBA degree to practical use.

Financial Analyst: As we all know, a major part of the business is all about finance and marketing. Therefore, this is a perfect job for a person who has BBA degree. Right from managerial economics to financial management, several related topics are covered in this program, hence, you can easily get this job. Broadly, in this job profile you need to use your analytical skills to provide advice to companies to earn the profit.

Marketing & Sales Executive: Sales and marketing is the basic requirement for any business. BBA degree holders can easily get the job done. An executive in the job profile of sales and marketing is required to come up with different ideas on different kinds of marketing strategies and sales ideas. They are then required to implement them successfully and thus eventually boost profits of the firm.

Thus, in the job sector today, several companies need employees graduating with a business degree. However, if you are interested in becoming an expert in a certain section of the business sector, then doing your post-graduate in MBA is the next best thing to do. Through MBA you will get the option to study a section of business studies and become an expert. So, gaining your expertise in a niche section can lead to better growth professionally and scope for more learning.