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What is the role of student clubs in colleges in shaping the skills of students?

Student Clubs at a college are attuned to help students get most out of their experience while they are enrolled at the college for their academic pursuits. These student clubs offer limitless opportunities for student leadership and participation beyond classroom setup and academic programme. They provide a great platform to usher-in the distinctive perspectives and life experiences that all students bring to the college. They indeed help in students’ transformation and holistic development in a big way. So it is that these clubs are especially aimed at helping students to get involved and find their own niche on their college campus.

Student clubs at college level promote the shaping of skills of the students and make them truly life-ready. These student club activities play a crucial role in determining and channelizing the passion and interest of students, much beyond their academic pursuit. The extracurricular activities that are routinely organized by these clubs teach the students practical lessons of life, making them not only job-ready but also making them ready to face the bumpy path of survival in this world of cut-throat competition.

Seen from another perspective, student clubs greatly help in learning to work with a team as it is an essential skill for any career. They provide networking opportunities by way of student-meetings across various programs of the university, making connections, and building relationships for life. Students get to learn how different people respond and react to certain situations and they can also seize the opportunity to learn about divergent cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, student clubs provide leadership development opportunities to the students by allowing them to select the office bearers for organizing activities and pursuing the goal of each club, and thereby help them in developing leadership skills. In fact, student clubs help one in knowing about themselves, their strengths, and their goals better, and help in generating ideas to serve others. Last but not the least, student clubs provide a befitting platform to have fun and showcase talent and build a healthy culture during the college years.

Asian School of Business (ASB) one of the premier private undergraduate colleges in the country, known for its cutting-edge teaching pedagogy with project-based learning approach, contemporary management practices, and collaborative programs in Business Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Cloud Computing & Web Analytics from NIIT – all of which are aimed at providing wholesome experience to the students in and outside the classroom to hone their technical and personal skills. The college has 16 student clubs catering to technical, cultural, social, recreational, health and welfare needs and interests of the students. These clubs at Asian School of Business (ASB) include The Cultural Club-Utsav; The HR Club-Synergize TogetHR; The Marketing Club-Mark-Techos; The Entrepreneurship Club-SEED; The IT Club-Technocrats; The Sports Club-Athleema; The CSR Club-Corporate-Social Conscience; The Media Club-Buzz; The Finance Club-Bulls N Bears; The Literary Club-Gnosis; The Dramatics Club-Abhivyakti; The Environment Club- Prakriti; The Coding Club-Codeit; The Application Club-Applifi; The Gaming Club-Techninjas; and The Web Development Club-Webgeeks. These clubs at ASB are joined and run by the students from across the programmes, where they drive various techno, management, and cultural activities throughout the year.