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What job options will be available for BCA after the corona virus outbreak?

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way companies work and operate today. An increasing number of companies are now using digital platforms to operate and conduct their business. Each one of these new and upcoming changes has taught us how to do business without physically seeing or meeting each other. So, there is every chance that after the lockdown, there is going to be a boom in each of these job roles and sectors. And, since BCA is a programme where students get to learn a great deal about computers and its various applications, the job options for BCA after corona outbreak looks quite bright and encouraging.

Job Profiles That Are In High Demand

Tech Job Roles

Amidst the coronavirus breakout, most of the companies are using technologies to continue their work. This has led to a big increase in the opportunities in the tech industries.

Technology-driven designations like Frontend Engineer, Python Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Backend Developer and Cloud Computing are in high demand. And, in all probability, they will be in high demand even after the lockdown.

Digital Marketing Job Roles

All the companies that are working from home are using digital platforms to continue to market their products and services. In addition, companies are also changing their marketing strategies to fit into this new environment. Hence, one can expect to get a lot of opportunities in this field of work.

Jobs @Cybersecurity

Increasingly, more and more companies are uploading their data on the cloud to interpret, analyze and share crucial data. In order to keep the computer information safe and secure against hackers or malware, there has been a huge demand for cybersecurity specialists.

As we can see, there are going to be plenty of opportunities in the job market for one if they are aiming for one of these designations. Inasmuch as BCA is a three-year undergraduate course which is designed to make students aware of the basic aspects related to computers and thereby makes them proficient in the same, it assumes great importance in the present scenario. These job options for BCA after corona outbreak are in addition to all the traditional career opportunities – like Software Engineer, Network Engineer, Test Engineer, System Analyst, Quality Assurance Officer, Management Consultant, IT Consultant, and Database Administrators – that have always been available for them. So, all in all, it is a win-win situation for BCA graduates once the corona crisis gets over!