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Why More Students Are Opting for ASB BBA International?

There was a time when mayhem of characteristic confusion of students on the threshold of making a career choice, “getting an engineering degree, then an MBA and finally landing in a banking job” (for instance) proved to be a disaster of a career” – as succinctly portrayed by the character “Rancho” in the movie “3 Idiots”. Although it is proven to be lucrative, today however, ‘Engineering plus MBA’ is slowly becoming passé. Today, the younger generation is much more informed and is more inclined towards careers that have a clear vision right from the beginning.

This brings us to a subject called BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration. The BBA course is a step in the right direction, if a student wants to pursue a long term career in business management. This course of BBA creates a solid base for the master’s degree and opens up job opportunities on an international level. It is here that specializations like BBA – IB (International Business) make this further focused.

Renowned institutes like Asian School of Business in Noida have incorporated this course in their curriculum and offer a full-fledged ASB BBA International programme as an independent 3 years’ full time degree course with International Fully Paid Residential Workshop and Certification from University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, USA.

What is BBA-IB?

BBA in International Business is a comprehensive course that combines Business Administration studies with global exposure to international business scenario. Right from Economic Analysis, Accounting and Marketing, the curriculum integrates topics like International Business Environment, Foreign Exchange Operations and International Relations. There is a steady focus on developing skills of students in both the areas – business fundamentals as well as understanding of international economics. Subjects like Soft Skill Development and Foreign Languages render additional benefits. They make students ready for working in multi-national environments and develop them as all-round professionals.

The course has gained strength in India in the recent past. Many eminent institutes which already had BBA in their curriculum, have started International Business as a specialization. Others like Asian School of Business (ASB) in Noida offer a full-fledged ASB BBA International programme as an independent 3 years’ full time degree course.

The BBA International at Asian School of Business (ASB) is a three-year full-time degree program affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University (CCS), Meerut with a unique international edge of learning from the best minds in the International Fully Paid Residential Workshop on Business of Entertainment at the University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts Campus, Los Angeles, USA leading to international certification highly acclaimed in the media and entertainment industry worldwide.

The program is designed to give students a basic understanding of the management concepts along with an understanding of international business environment and the world of business of entertainment. The objective of this program at ASB is to produce excellent professionals who are adept at identifying and solving management problems at local and global levels across industries including the ever growing global entertainment industry. Major focus of this programme is on skill development for preparing corporate ready graduates who can practically apply their gained knowledge in business situations and event projects of the entertainment industry.

Why is it trending?

While globalization is more than 25 years’ old in India, the multi-national corporate is now expanding in sectors other than IT. From retail to banking to manufacturing, various industries are finding their feet in India. The trend also works in the reverse direction where many foreign companies in diverse sectors are hiring Indian employees. This creates tremendous opportunities for business professionals. Portfolios like accounting, marketing, operations and various managerial positions are being acquired by Indians. All this creates a strong case for professionals having in-depth knowledge of Business Administration. The demand naturally tilts towards those who have post-graduation as well as graduation in the field.

BBA-IB also allow students to pursue a variety of courses for post-graduation. While MBA is the popular option, diverse specializations like Master’s in Business Economics (MBE), Master’s in Management Studies (MMS), Master’s in Finance Management (MFM), and Master’s in Economics are also available. Besides, there are options like Post-Graduate Diploma in Management that offer flexibility and are also recognized and respected. This opens vast avenues for students of business administration. The scope is not just in India but many foreign universities welcome Indian students for post-graduation. This naturally creates an opportunity for getting better and highly paying jobs.