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Why quality infrastructure is important for business schools?

Generally speaking, the infrastructure of college – and more so, of business schools – holds a great importance, especially when it comes to providing various facilities to the students for education and health purposes. In many ways, the college is basically like a second home to the students – a place where they can identify themselves, shape their career and have the expert guidance to walk on the right path.

Asian School of Business (ASB), Noida – which is one of India’s Top Ranked BBA College – clearly understands the great importance of infrastructure in the students and faculty life and has, therefore, provided all sorts of facilities that will be beneficial in their career. Following are some of the several amenities that are present at ASB campus:

Computer Lab

At ASB, all computer systems have SCSI head drive, workstation with Dual core processor, 24/7 network and they are supported by UPS system with the backup facility. Asian School of Business also provides laptops to each and every student.

Library & Information Center

The library at ASB is the heart of the college. It provides various services like video viewing, newspaper clipping, etc. Apart from this, the college has also provided an electronic library that has all the information related to the business world.

Auditorium (Theatre Hall)

The auditorium at ASB, which is known as the Theatre Hall, has the capacity to accommodate 100 people. It is filled with a state-of-the-art acoustic system and has a centralized air conditioning system. The Theatre Hall is designed in such a way that several national and international functions can be held here easily.

Lecture Halls

The lecture halls at ASB are designed like auditoriums with step-up seating to facilitate discussions, and they are equipped with Computers & LCD Projectors for effective learning. These lecture halls are also equipped with audio systems to enable AV aids use while teaching. The air-conditioning in the classrooms creates just the right atmosphere for long hours of learning. Here, lectures are delivered using the latest & modern teaching aids. Internet facility is freely available in the classrooms to facilitate discussions using online content, webinars etc.

ASB Hostel

ASB has both girls and boys hostels with ample facilities like Wi-Fi and AC. The college also conducts several games and recreational activities to encourage its resident students and help them to have a healthy body. The ASB hostel complex is surrounded by fresh air, greenery and ample open space.

Sports Facility

Games and sports are an important aspect for every human being and ASB understands it very well. There are several sports facilities that are provided here like football, basketball, cricket area, table tennis, chess equipment’s to motivate and develop sportsman spirit in ASB students.

Medical Facility

First-aid facility is available at ASB hostel and campus for minor injuries. In fact, ASB has a tie-up with Kailash Hospital, Noida for providing medical care to its students and has a regular doctor on its panel on all working days. A medical van and driver is also provided for the ASB students and faculty 24/7 in case of bigger emergencies.


At ASB, a modern cafeteria facility is also provided with mouth-watering and delicious refreshments for all the students. It is very beautifully furnished and is a hot-spot place for the ASB students.

So, opt for ASB for a BBA degree and vouch for a brilliant and successful career for yourself!