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ASB to Organize a Live Session on ‘Coronavirus: Situation Today and the Way forward’ by Lung Care Foundation

Asian School of Business (ASB) is organizing a Live Interactive WEBINAR on ‘Coronavirus: Situation Today and the Way forward’ by Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Kumar, Co-founder Trustee-Lung Care foundation, Chairman-Centre for Chest Surgery and Director-Institute of Robotic Surgery– for all BBA/BCA students and aspirants on Monday, 1st June 2020 at 12:00 noon.

Key Points of the Webinar

  1. How to fight COVID-19?
  2. Know the early symptoms and home remedies
  3. How to boost your immunity?
  4. Preventive measures after lockdown
  5. Being healthy, always know the best habits to fight any virus
  6. Myth & facts about coronavirus
  7. Help yourself, family and the society