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Workshop on Modern Age Teaching Pedagogy for Generation Z

Asian School of Business believes that learning is fundamental to teaching; thus teaching and learning are inseparable processes. Learning and acquiring knowledge leads to growth and builds a successful career. To facilitate this unlearning and relearning process, the college has initiated a series of Workshop on Modern Age Teaching Pedagogy for Generation Z from 20th Aug -13 Sept 2022. The workshop is specially designed to broaden the educators’ repertoire of teaching strategies with contemporary techniques important for a new-age teacher to imbibe and implement in the classrooms.

Through this workshop, educators will explore how effective teaching can be learned, using powerful techniques that are concrete, specific, and easily-put-to-action. Thus the participating facilitators would be able to acquire relevant materials, effective guidelines, best practices and latest approaches to upgrade their teaching and hone their teaching skills to succeed in the teaching industry.

Objectives of the Workshop

The workshop is designed to fulfil the following objectives-

  • to equip facilitators in content and pedagogical competence and their implications to classroom practices
  • to enable facilitators, develop a constructive approach to teaching learning process
  • to enable facilitators to develop strategies for challenging participants and environments
  • to help facilitators develop the art of experiential learning
  • to help facilitators learn the modern methods to inculcate their learnings to the students.
  • to know the ways to manage a class full of diverse learners
  • to learn enquiry and problem based leaning where participants will be taken through the process of Inquiry through discussions, examples, videos and case studies.

Learning Outcomes

Over the course of the workshop, the participants would develop effective instruction and presentation techniques, gain more clarity in pertaining to classroom pedagogy, and would learn to implement adult learning theory and coaching skills. The workshop will give ample time to the participants to practice the skills being addressed.