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Strategy and Tips for Cracking the BBA interview

In most of the cases related to admissions for any course, personal interviews act as a make or break component. It is no different in case you are looking for an admission in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program. During this complete process, the interview panel is expected to test you on various competencies with the maximum focus on ascertaining whether you are a right fit for their program or not.

BBA program is expected to lay your foundation to be a potential manager for future. As a result, there are some basic fundamentals that you need to follow and work upon so that your chances of selection increases

  • Prepare Well

As a thumb rule, for every sort of interview, there are some questions that particularly have more chances of being asked. In case you can start preparing for these questions well in advance, then certainly you are expected to have an edge over others. While doing so, you may start preparing for some examples from your past experiences that shall validate you answer.

Decent preparation levels shall improve your confidence levels and also help you in coming up with better answers during interview. Some frequently asked questions that you may prepare for a BBA interview would include:

    • Why do you want to take admission for BBA course in our college?
    • Why are you choosing field of management as a career?
    • Can you describe your strengths as well as weaknesses?
    • Where do you see yourself, say 5 or 10 years from now?
    • Some basic domain skill questions from Grade XII

One need to realize that a typical institute takes pride in the education it imparts. Hence it would be better in case you visit website of the institute before appearing for interview. Doing so shall help you to get some sort of idea about the institute and hence know it better.

  • Know about management as a profession

It will be a distinct advantage for you in case you are aware about the basics of management studies or management as a profession before appearing for interview. If any such questions are asked and you are able to justify answers with basic knowledge levels, it shall demonstrate that you are quite passionate about management as a career and hence would be able to impress upon the interview panel thereby increasing the chances of your selection.

  • Current Affairs

As is the case with most of interviews, it shall be quite helpful for you to stay updated as to what is happening around you, particularly in the world of business. This shall indicate to the interview panel about your dedication and seriousness. Good general awareness levels may also help you as it may serve as a conversation enabler between you and the interview panel.

  • Keep Calm

This is one of the most critical aspects of any interview. No matter what the situation is, you are expected not to lose your calm. The logic behind this is that an efficient manager working in an organization is supposed to keep his calm even under stressful conditions and also be able to take correct decisions. Hence if you start panicking during an interview, it would drastically reduce chances of your selection.

Different undergraduate business schools follow pretty much similar criteria for admission process though the weightage of the individual components may vary. Some colleges may put more emphasis on a particular aspect as compared to others. However as a thumb rule, personal interview forms a major part of the admission process of any college.

Hence, in case you are looking for admissions in BBA for academic session 2019 in Delhi NCR, you may focus on above mentioned points so that you may be able to secure your seat in any of the top BBA colleges like Asian School of Business, Delhi NCR (Noida).