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A management student has to play numerous roles in an organization while he is studying as well as when he joins an organization. To utilize the management knowledge that he has imbibed during his studies; this knowledge also has to be harnessed in practicality. In a world, where cut-throat competition and increasingly higher standards are becoming a way of achieving excellence and success the mantra to achieve the same is ‘teamwork and unity ‘which in turn will reflects the spirit of togetherness and will also highlight the impact of synergy”.
Keeping this theme in mind a role play “Squadders” on the theme of “Team Building” was organized on Saturday, 13th October 2012 by Synergize to-get-HR (The HR club). The event started with “Ganesh Stuti” followed by a short story on Hare and Tortoise Race & song “Ekta mein Anekta” all the way from childhood days, depicting effectiveness of teamwork.

Five teams from all semesters participated with gusto. The students used the concepts in a practical way juxtaposing this with their tremendous talent and use of creativity. All these teams came up with different ideas for imparting the concept of teambuilding and made every one present there to believe on a quotation- Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success

Along with Squadders an activity “Conscription”- i.e. Recruitment was organized which was designed to give students a brief idea about practical application of recruitment process. This enabled students to learn the ways of designing recruitment advertisement and techniques to promote their company and position the same in minds of potential applicants so that the best person approaches for the employment.
Hence, the mission of understanding the importance and effectiveness of Teambuilding in corporate world was accomplished using practical and creative tools. To enhance the participation level of students, various 1 minute games in teams were organized.