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BBA Program Summer Internships – Gaining Additional Industry Experience

Today, education can’t just be restricted to classrooms. We are living in a rapidly changing business world which is characterized by cut-throat competition. Being a management student at one of the top undergraduate business schools in India, it is quite necessary for you to get updated, be well aware of all the new developments in the business world and get a hands-on experience of the knowledge you gain in the classroom. As such, management colleges of repute always strive to ensure that their BBA students get the best of theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on exposure.

The successful endeavor of the internship program is a reflection of the thoroughness of efforts on part of a b-school along with the enthusiastic attitude and aptitude of its management students. It goes a long way to corroborate the trust and the confidence that the corporate world grants an institute and its BBA students.

Summer internships are an opportunity for students to sense the real time working environment, understand the corporate culture, expectations, gaining skills etc. It also helps them in building a learning ecosystem for themselves with the professional guidance from industry professionals and colleagues.

If we talk about ASB, it thrives on the efforts of its students who continue to prove their mettle with corporates during their summer internships and placements – thereby strengthening the institute brand in the corporate world. Summer Internship Program at ASB as a one of the top undergraduate business schools in Delhi is a great means for its BBA students to engage with and evaluate different industry segments. This helps the students properly manage their resources to prepare a nicely crafted pitch for a pre-placement offer (PPO). Summer Internship is an important part of the BBA course curriculum at Asian School of Business. And, the institute makes sure that all of its BBA students are offered summer internships for 6-8 weeks every year.

In today’s world where a student aspires for a corporate career, the grooming needs to start right from the undergraduate course. ABS as a top undergraduate business school, offers highest level industry interface to its students though regular guest lectures, seminars, live projects, business competitions, etc., wherein, internships do play a major role in their professional as well as personal grooming. This world class industry interface at one of the top b-schools in Delhi also helps the students showcase their talents and sharpen their pitches for the Industry during the internships, thereby increasing their recruitment possibilities.