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Animate IT, Unleash Your Creativity

The Technocrat Club at ASB organised “Animate IT, Unleash Your Creativity, Bring Characters to Life” on May 4, 2023, with the goal of introducing young minds to animations, graphics, creativity, and teamwork. The competition was open to students from all backgrounds and academic fields at Asian School of Business.
Within the competition, the students were free to use any tool available; a few suggested tools for character and video design included Animaker, Adobe Character Animator, Canva,, Dall-e, etc.

The activity was divided into three rounds. The students were asked to come up with their own unique game idea, design its story line, and create a minimum of four animated characters using any tool available. This activity needed to be done in groups of 2–5 students. Once nominated, teams had to submit their game idea in a Google Form with character and background setup images. This activity witnessed participation from more than 100 students spread across 29 teams across various disciplines and backgrounds. In the second round, teams had to present their game ideas to an expert panel of judges. It helped bring their unique ideas and creativity to the table. Students were judged on presentation, graphic design, story narration, creativity, and teamwork.
Shortlisted students moved to the third round in the computer lab, where they were given four categories: anime, game characters, Marvel, and cars. Students had to choose any one category and create a unique character of their choice within 30 minutes. Students submitted their final output in a Google Form and were judged by an expert panel. Some amazing designs came out of the activity. Judgment parameters include- Creativity & Designing, Presentation Skills, Story Telling, Uniqueness of the idea. Winners were decided by the panel of judges in two categories: best graphic design and best story.