AEG KESSHET 2019 – Graffiti and T-Shirt Painting Competition


AEG KESSHET 2019 – Graffiti and T-Shirt Painting Competition

Asian School of Business (a part of Asian Education Group) – one of the top ranked BBA/BCA colleges in Noida – recently held season 6 of its annual inter-college cultural fest known as ‘AEG KESSHET’ on Thursday, 17th January 2019 at its campus in Noida. AEG KESSHET 2019 was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm, and in complete Bollywood style. One of the attractive event activity at this festive celebration was the “Graffiti & T-Shirt Painting” competition.

The event was all about colours and creativity wherein the competitors were required to create their very own wall painting or a T-shirt painting that was to be based on a theme which was let known to them only 15 minutes before the start of competition.

As per the rules & regulations, a team comprised of 2 members each and the participants were required to carry their own T-Shirt, glue, colors and brushes. The time duration for the activity had been specified as 60 minutes. The judgment criteria were based on creativity, connectivity with the theme, use of colours and general appeal. And then, the participants needed to come up with an explanation in front of judges.

The names of the winners of this event were:

(i)                  For Graffiti: Shrish from ITS College

(ii)                For T-Shirt Painting: Anushka Jaiswal & Pooja from Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT), Noida

Here’s your share of the glimpses into that colourful event activity:

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