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Arguably right: A Panel Discussion

The activity that was held on the 28th August 2021 involved a healthy discussion among the students in panels of four each. Each Panel Teams spoke on any 1 chosen topics for 20 minutes, in Supporting and opposition of the topic.

The Show moderator / Anchor – moderated the balance of the discussion by controlling the speakers as and when required. This competition will involve a discussion among the students in panels of 5/ 7 each.


In total there were 12 Panels constituted. 10 Panels were from ASB and ABS and 2 panels were from Sharda University and DIY Patil University Pune.


  1. Dependency on technology … hazardous for students….
  2. Should we completely ban the sale, purchase and use of Chinese goods in India……
  3. Schools should ban the use of Social Networking sites……
  4. Online courses Vs Offline Courses ………
  5. Examination System requires reforms ……Agree or disagree?
  6. Animals should enjoy the same rights as humans


The activity was aimed at improving the Communication skills in an interactive way. Other than this the activity aims at enhancing the group discussion and team spirit. The activity boosted the confidence of the participants and problem solving ability.

The secondary objective is to enhance the thinking ability over a contemporary topic alongside encouraging the participants and the viewers to be more receptive on the current affair topics.


The competition was won by the BBA 3 Students namely  Divya sapra, Yukta gogia, Bharat khutela, Medha tiwary, and Madhu tiwary

Outcome of the Activity:

The activity helped enhance the participant’s confidence on the public speaking platform. The team spirit AND THE LEADERSHIP SKILLS were what students practically demonstrated during both rounds of the activity.