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ASB Orientation Programme 2018 – CSD Certificate of Appreciation

Centre for Skill Development at Asian School of Business, Noida, awarded this year’s CSD Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Riya Saxena. The award was conferred on the occasion of the Orientation Programme for BBA and BCA batches August 3rd, 2018.

The Center for Skill Development at Asian School of Busines, is working with the objective of imparting practical training so as to translate the known knowledge into the desired skill set for better place-ability scores. CSD is committed to impart and transfer skills in students; asseverating behavioral change for right attitude transformation; and sharpening abilities into competencies through responsibility, ownership and commitment.

At ASB in the month of April 2018, CSD sends a group of assignments to its prospective students to help them introspect and take a self check on their abilities before they join the ASB family. For this the CSD puts across, a number of tools based on various parameters evaluating typical Personality traits, and dexterity in creative articulation.

Students exhibit effort and enthusiasm which is extremely uplifting, much appreciated and gives   a lot to hope for. The tools are wonderfully utilized and a sort of base is created giving a feeling of familiarity with students even before they have entered the portals of ASB. Center for Skill expects students shall work hard to meet its expectations thereby becoming skilled professionals. The best attempted assessment with the perfect self-check i.e. the one meeting the CSD expectations closest, is awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. This year it went to Ms. Riya Saxena from ASB.